Choose the perfect desk lamp your space deserves

Sometimes it’s all about adding a few small things in your space that can add life into an otherwise dull space and create a huge impact on the overall décor sensibility of your abode.

While there’s certainly a place for light in interior décor, choosing the right lamps can do wonders for you and completely transform the look & feel of your home décor. When it comes to choosing the right lamp for your room there are many factors that you need to take into consideration. While choosing the right color, texture, shape & symmetry of the lamp will certainly compliment the décor scheme of the room it adorns, but there’s more to it!

Here are some additional points that you need to take keep a note of when purchasing a desk lamp to engulf your space with a mesmerizing effect.

1. Ideal height- Keep it at Eye Level

When you are seated in a room your eyes will be automatically directed towards the illumination oozing from the adorned lamp. Hence, you must choose a lamp where the bottom of the lampshade is at your eye level when you are seated. This will help you avoid the glare or shadows & serve its purpose of lighting up the ambiance.

Here’s a rule of thumb for well-illuminated reading nooks, bedside tables, or living room- If the bedside table is taller, you can choose a shorter lamp to maintain the balance and if the table is smaller in height, you can go for a lamp that’s taller in height.

2. Pick the size that fits right!

The size of the room & measures of the tabletop are important when you are considering to purchase a lamp. Here are some handy points which you should keep in mind.

  • Your lamp shouldn’t be more than 1.5 times the height of the tabletop it rests upon.
  • The diameter of the lampshade should be half the width of the table surface. As You don’t want the shade to be going beyond the symmetry of the table’s edge.
  • Go for a shade that is within two inches of the lamp’s base length. For example, if the base length is 12″, the shade diameter should be no smaller than 10″ and no bigger than 14″.
  • The shade length should be about one-third of the fixture’s total height.

3. Select the shade that compliments the room

The shape, style, material &colour of the lamp shade is an equally important factor to be taken into consideration.


  • Go for lighter-coloured fabrics, if you are looking for a lot of ambient light in a room. They diffuse the light coming through the bulb and make the ambience warmer and more comfortable. Also, light-coloured shades are perfect for those reading nooks.
  • Go for darker shade, if you want to create a sense of drama in your room. They are a perfect pick to accent your tabletops & exude a concentrated light pattern


The below shapes of the lampshades work best for these timeless styles.

  • Traditional Style- Bell or conical shape lampshades, oval, pleated, empire shade
  • Transitional Style- Drum lampshade, tapered drum lampshade
  • Modern Style- Rectangular lampshade or square lampshade


  • Fabric: For an all year round look go for lampshades made from cotton, linen or mixed fabric. For a more luxurious feel, pick lampshades crafted from silk or mix of velvet. Fabric lampshades are preferred for an ambient glow.


  • Metal: Ideal for task lighting, the metal lampshades redirects the light downwards and casts a sharp beam. The solid design gives a very modern look in you interiors.

4. Choose an LED Bulb

Depending upon the amount of light needed, use a LED Table Lamp that uses energy saving bulb. Around 60 watts is sufficient for reading our task lighting.
For decorative purpose, choose a lamp that houses bulb upto 100 watt or 150 watt.


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