How to Choose the Best Water Dispenser for Homes and Offices?

Hydration is essential for a healthy lifestyle. A water dispenser offers easy access to drinking water in homes and offices. It is a machine that delivers hot and cold water through different taps. It can be used in homes and offices for immediate delivery of drinking water at the press of a button. In addition to homes and offices, water dispensers are popular for use in gyms, sports lockers, schools, and many other places.

Water dispensers come in various styles and designs and differ in features. However, the basic features are the same, that is, delivering hot and cold water. It is essential to know about the uses and features before visiting a store to buy a dispenser. Let us explore in this post some tips to choose the best water dispenser for your home or office.

Freestanding or Countertop

There are two types of water dispensers available in the market. One is free-standing, and another is the countertop model. The free-standing water dispensers come in beautiful designs and need to be placed in an unused space in-home or office. Some free-standing models are also good to place in homes that are short on space.  The countertop models, as the name suggests, are made to place on a shelf or any higher position like a table to make it convenient for users to get water.

Design and Style

The style and design of the office water dispenser also contribute to the aesthetics of the space where you want to install it in your home or office. Make sure the design you choose suits and fits the interiors of the room or kitchen wherever you want to install the dispenser. You can choose a design and color that matches or creates a good contrast with your interiors.

Look for the faucet

There are some models with one faucet and others that come with two faucets. Also, there are some models that come with an extra faucet for hot water. Also, these models have switches on their backside that can be used to control the supply of hot or cold water. With different controls for hot and cold water, you can save electricity when you turn off one faucet that you don’t need at present.

Water reservoir

Some models have a water reservoir, while others come without a reservoir. Its obvious that the models with a reservoir are bulkier than without a reservoir. Some of them have a plastic reservoir, while others have one made of stainless steel. The models that come without a reservoir usually have a facility to install a water bottle on their top. Some water dispensers can come with a facility to connect them to the water supply line.

Size of the unit

The water dispensers come in various sizes with and without a reservoir. Here you need to consider the space where you want to install the dispenser in your home or office. If you have sufficient space to accommodate, you can go with the free-standing coolers, but in case the space is short, you should opt for countertop dispensers as they don’t occupy your floor space.

Additional features

Some water dispensers come with additional features like temperature control and shutting off the hot or cold water. If you want additional features like these, you should research brands that offer such features. They might be more expensive than standard models that simply deliver hot and cold water. All you need is to research all the features you want and look for the models online that offer those features before visiting a physical store or ordering online.

Choose the right manufacturer.

Selecting the right manufacturer is as important as choosing the right water dispenser. It is the manufacturing company that offers you after-sales maintenance, customer service, and warranty. If the company offers high-quality and timely service, you can ensure that your dispenser will work in good condition over the years.

Check the customer reviews.

Talk to different companies and read about customer feedback about the quality of after-sale service to get an idea of what you will get if you buy from them. You can find customer reviews on various online marketplaces like Amazon and other ecommerce platforms.


The price of the dispenser is another important factor that you must consider. Higher price does not always mean higher quality of product or service. Compare the prices and features offered by various brands before finalizing a model to buy for your home or office.

Final Words

These were some tips to choose the best water dispenser for home or business. The key to finding the right product is to spend sufficient time on research and compare the prices, features, quality, and customer service. Following these tips can help you to choose the right brand and model of water dispensers for your home or office.


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