Choosing the Best AVS 30 in Kenya

The AVS 30 is an automated voltage switcher that is rated at 30 Amperes. The AVS switches off the connected equipment if mains power exceeds present suitable limits and thenautomatically reconnectsafter the mains power get back to normal.

Before purchasing one, you have to do good research from which you conclude. Below are some questions one should look at during the conduction of their study.

What is the AVS 30?

Most voltage stabilizers can befound in the market with similar rating but different brands. When using the AVS 30, youset the stabilizer to suitable limits. The stabilizer automaticallyturns off the power when it is over orunder the set limits.

Below is an example of the AVS 30;

The AVS is also known asan automatic voltage regulator (AVR).

What is the power supply to your investments?

Both low and high power may damage your electrical and electronic gadgets. If you think about it, electronics are the most expensive items in most businesses and homes today. Capitalizingon this voltage stabilizer is a wise way of caring for your electrical appliances. The avs 30 price in Kenya varies depending on its power control and where you purchase the stabilizer, but it is a valuable item.

How does the AVS 30 work?

The AVS 30 ensure protection to your electricitems in so many ways. First, when there is an Undervoltage, it completely stops the flow, and there is no more output. The same happens when thereis a high voltage; it completely turns off the production so that high voltage that can burn your equipment doesn’t pass through. It also corrects sparking by ensuring normal voltage pass around.

After cutting all the power, this AVS stays off for upto 3 minutes, checking that the administration is working normally. The time is also adjustable between 10 seconds and 10 minutes to suit your needs. Quality ones are step-up or step-down voltages when lower or higher than set limits but within fixed input windows.

Meaning it can higher or lower voltages accordingly without completely cutting off the power.

What is your AVS 30 supplier of choice?

Having already invested in your electrical appliances for cooling, and electronic devices for yourhome or business, it’s about time you take care of your investment to ensure you get maximum ROI. Like allthe other electricalsavailable in the market, there are many fake AVS and quality ones for offering total protection from overvoltage,Undervoltage,spikes, and other electrical noises.

You will have to look keenly at the different manufactures and their products. Read various sources and ask trustworthy people about the best supplier to get one.


To crown it all, it is evident that a lot of research is essential when choosing AVS 30 to buy. Before messing and living in regrets, you should take your time on certain issues to be sure and get a quality AVS. Above all, an AVS is an important asset for anyone who wants to keep their electronics safe.

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