Choosing the Best Under Bench Freezers for Your Restaurant

When you already have a successful restaurant business, you should always think about improving it more. There is nothing more exceptional than visiting a restaurant and seeing the dining experience improve every time you visit. Out of the many improvement methods to choose from, consider adding under bench freezers.

You might think that you do not need an under bench freezer for your restaurant anymore because you already have a refrigerator in the kitchen area. Note that it can help you move around the kitchen, primarily when serving guests. If you plan on having one for your restaurant, you can find different helpful tips when choosing.

Tip #1: Always Keep in Mind the Freezer’s Size

The under bench fridge’s size will depend on how much space you have allocated for it. In some cases, restaurant owners think they can free up more space inside the kitchen to place the under bench fridge. And when the fridge arrives, and they need to position it, they might have to remove other things, which can be a massive waste of time and energy.

The best thing to do before buying one is to know where you plan on putting it. Once you find a suitable space inside the kitchen, you need to measure that area and use it as a guide when finding an under bench fridge. You should be able to choose the perfect fridge size when you have precise measurements of the space.

Tip #2: Single, Dual, or Multiple Fridge Doors

Your kitchen might only need an under bench freezer with a single door since you have another refrigerator to place perishables. The number of fridge doors will depend on how you plan on using the under bench fridge. If you plan on using it to keep small perishable items cold, you’re better off with a single door fridge.

However, you might need an under bench fridge with dual or multiple doors because of the many items you plan on placing inside. An under bench fridge with multiple doors is best suited when you want to serve cold drinks to guests over the counter right away. It will save your restaurant staff a lot of time, especially when the restaurant is packed and you have every staff member moving around the kitchen all the time.

Tip #3: Consider Getting Energy-Efficient Under Bench Freezers

Nowadays, every restaurant needs to have energy-saving appliances because they are the ones that consume electricity the most. Appliances like freezers need to run every day, especially when dealing with perishables items that can go bad if not stored well. If you need an under bench fridge, ensure you get one that has energy-saving features.

Many restaurant owners always prefer appliances that can help them save energy. You can avoid worrying about the restaurant’s energy bills since you have appliances like the under-bench fridge that will not consume a ton of energy every day.

Tip #4: Choose Ones with Fridge Locks

If you have valuable frozen stock that you do not want your other kitchen staff messing with, the best choice is to find an under-bench fridge with locks. When you leave the kitchen, you can have peace of mind knowing that you locked your exotic food items out if unwarranted reach of others.

Do not forget the different choosing tips mentioned above to get the perfect under bench fridge for your restaurant.


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