Class 9 Hindi: Make Study Fun, Not Boring

Language and literature are those subjects where it gets a bit complex to score well because, for classes 9 and 10, 55 marks are for the unseen comprehension, grammar, and writing questions. Clearly, one of the causes of worry for most CBSE students is scoring good marks in subjects like Hindi. It is one of those subjects where simply going through a textbook is not enough. Students have to be prepared to let their skills take flight with Vedantu class 9 Hindi

In this article, we will talk about a few tips that will help you score well in Hindi.

  • Neatness and presentation

Practice well with all materials that are available to you. Work in a timed environment. Ideally, you are supposed to complete practice papers within a maximum of 2:30 hours. This will ensure that you don’t leave your paper incomplete by the slightest chance because literature exam papers are usually very lengthy.

Make sure to draw neat margins on the answer script, maintaining steady, tidy and clean handwriting all through your paper.

  • Reading list

As a first step, make it a point to read every single chapter in the textbook while revising them at regular intervals. Questions from your textbook will make up nearly 50% of the total paper.

Remember to read all the chapters thoroughly, along with the introduction of the author or poet. This will guarantee that you have a good grip of the chapter. Now, you can also input points from the book such as the life history of the writer. Revise all previous chapters to have them refreshed while you prepare for your exam. Mugging up common answers isn’t advisable at all. Try and understand the inner meanings of prose and poetry prescribed in your syllabus. You can even write down the summary or your analysis. Ask for help from the subject teacher if you have doubts in a write-up. It’s a good practice to quote important lines from stories or poems wherever appropriate for increasing your visibility and marks.

  • Grammatical rules

Have clarity regarding the grammar-related topics from your syllabus. The only way to crack grammar is to practice as much as possible. Speaking of grammatical rules, know that there have to be a few exceptions and students have to be aware of these.

The best way to get good marks in language papers is by clearing up all fundamental concepts as well as rules. Plus, ensure that you have the grammar topics from the syllabus at your fingertips. 

Note here that grammar is one of those parts which can fetch either the most marks or the least marks, because, for each correct answer, you will get full marks but, for each wrong answer, you won’t get any marks.

  • Unseen passages

Many students are scared of unseen passages. However, with the right strategy, you can crack this question. Make it a point to read at least 10 comprehension passages per week, five of poetry and five of prose, to be well acquainted with the ideas behind attempting as well as correctly solving an unseen passage. As you attempt questions from an unseen passage, read it carefully while underlining the important words or sentences.

  • Creative writing 

Dedicate a few hours per day solely to sharpening up writing skills. It is important to read quotations, news, as well as sample pieces, to improve one’s vocabulary and writing skills. Students should know the prescribed format for formal/informal letters, essays, articles, reports, and so on from the syllabus. Learn these formats for creative writing and practice. While writing the exam, before attempting the actual answer, write down the points to cover in the answer along the margin or on the rough space provided. This will make your answer properly structured, thereby fetching you more marks. 

1. Letter

Start writing your letter with a proper address. Add the subject line and greeting for the concerned authority.

You might want to divide the letter into 3 distinct sub-parts.

In the first part, introduce yourself as the writer of this letter and also acknowledge the topic assigned. 

The second part is the body of this letter. Here, the writer has to describe the subject with special attention to detail, and to the points/problems specified in your question (if any). 

The final part should contain the concluding lines. This means a short thank you note along with a request for a reply for a formal letter; or well wishes for an informal letter. 

2. Essays

For essays too, it’s a good practice to divide the whole mass properly for better writing, understanding, and ultimately, marking. The introduction, body, conclusion separation works absolutely fine for class 10 students.

Introduce the topic with some relevant quotations for extra points, and begin with the proper introduction thereafter.

The body must be extensively detailed and researched while being concise and crisp as well. Goal aim is to put in as many ideas as possible without looking made up.

The conclusion is the ending to your essay, which must be powerful. 

3. Articles, advertisements, and reports.

The only correct way to answer such questions is to go through the given standard format. Once that is done well, it is possible to score fairly well

Make it a point to always stick to the given word limit. Construct your sentences without grammatical errors.

  • Marking scheme

Know the latest pattern of question paper to prepare. Revise according to the same, solve a good number of previous year’s question papers, as well as sample papers to improve your grades significantly. It is mandatory to know the distribution, weightage, and division of marking for perfectly devoting time for all sections.

With these tips and strategies, you will definitely escape your phobia of literature and pass with flying colours in your class 9 Hindi Exam.


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