Cloud Backup Vs. Cloud Storage: Which Is Better?

Data has become an important aspect of any organization’s business and therefore is an asset that must be protected. Every day more companies rely on the best online cloud storage to save and store their files and thus minimize the risks of data loss. 

Backing up to the best online cloud storage is critical, but we shouldn’t confuse it with simple cloud storage and syncing. Check for best price cloud storage here. 

Cloud Backups Vs. Cloud Storage

Many companies use the best cloud storage plans solutions to protect their data, mostly due to their easy access and low cost – many of them are free. But, as they say, cheap is expensive, especially if we are not clear about the key differences between simple storage and a backup solution.

The best online cloud storage is an excellent option that can bring us great advantages. For example, it greatly facilitates collaboration between work teams, thanks to the simultaneous co-editing of documents. In addition, it is a very useful tool for those who move in environments of constant mobility.

However, a storage solution cannot provide a reliable answer to the needs of data safeguarding and business continuity. Suppose we want to protect not only files but entire servers, databases, or applications, in addition to complying with our data policy. In that case, it is necessary to trust backup services in the cloud.

Protect yourself from ransomware

Backing up to the cloud is critical, given the rise of cyber-attacks like ransomware, adding to the traditional risks of data loss. According to a recent study, more than 75% of businesses have recently experienced critical data loss due to a ransomware-type attack. These solutions also protect our data from human error, often the most common cause of data loss.

Comply with data policies

Backups in the cloud can help us comply with our data backup policies and the eventual obligations imposed by data protection regulations regarding encryption or frequency of backups. These requirements have become particularly relevant after entering the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The global cloud backup market is expected to grow 26% annually during 2016-2023.

Better are three than one.

A cloud backup solution can represent an important help to protect our data. It is advisable to complement it with other parallel strategies which are completely safe from attacks like ransomware, or backup copies in different geographical locations, to safeguard against incidents and natural disasters.

Many professionals recommend implementing the 3-2-1 rule for backups that foresee that at least three copies are made stored on two different media and that at least one of the copies is stored in a different physical location.

Cloud Computing Data Security

Cloud storage services like Dropbox and OneDrive are good for storing files, photos, and videos from your laptop in one central location – the cloud. You can access your files from any device and easily share files with friends and family; it also allows easy syncing.

But cloud storage is not the same as backups.

If your data disappears, for example, if your computer crashes or is stolen, and if you have not been constantly uploading your updated files to cloud storage, you will lose data that was not manually uploaded. Even if file syncing is on, if a file on a laptop is deleted or infected with malware, the data is deleted or infected on both sides.

This is where cloud backup comes in.

Cloud backup, also known as the best online cloud storageis specifically designed to back up your files, ensure continuous backup, and offer an easy way to restore your files.

Backup services offer file versioning, which means that in the event of data loss – for example, if your computer is infected with ransomware – you will be able to recover a clean version of the file in time before your system gets infected.


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