Cloud Gaming: Technology Trends

Over the next ten years, cloud gaming will profoundly alter the gaming industry, much as video and audio streaming has altered the music, film, and television industries. On the other hand, cloud gaming necessitates players having fast internet connections that go beyond the capability of current 4G networks. The industry is waiting for 5G to become widely available for the time being, which will provide the necessary internet speed, network latency, and server availability for a high-quality experience.

In the wake of these new innovative trends, it promises a bright future for casino online games, and the industry at large. It will be easy to play at and receive top-drawer promotions ready to take your gaming session to the next level on JackpotCity, better gaming experience is almost guaranteed, thanks to the multiple new technological innovations being constantly employed.

Cloud services

Quick deployments, fewer costs, and decreased complexity necessitate adaptability and scalability. Companies can add thousands of virtual servers and petabytes of storage to cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure in minutes, allowing them to respond to huge volumes of traffic. This improves service availability and the speed with which new features, content, and interfaces may be released. To thrive, all cloud gaming companies must have access to a top cloud services platform.

Cloud gaming has the potential to create more diverse gaming communities

Gamers received their dose of social contact via social or community gaming in 2020, while the globe embraced social isolation. Real-time multiplayer games such as Animal Crossing, PubG, and Clash of Clans are examples of social gaming. Gen Z has created entire communities and developed relationships around the act of digital social gaming, much as social networking was the defining trend for the millennial age.

Cloud gaming eliminates the need for high-powered gaming consoles or PCs, as well as large quantities of storage space and a high-resolution screen. Because everything is hosted remotely, players may play on any device with a good internet connection, including outdated computers, cellphones, TVs, and even refrigerator screens.

Cloud gaming will support the rise of social gaming by making gaming more accessible, resulting in larger, more varied gaming communities.


The sub-10 millisecond (ms) latency required for high-resolution cloud gaming services is not available on today’s 4G networks. As a result, industry participants hail 5G’s projected 1ms latency as a major enabler of cloud gaming. Telcos are eager to take advantage of this chance to advertise their 5G services. According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, released in November 2020, cloud gaming services have confirmed 22 of the 106 telecoms that have started commercial 5G offers.

In January 2020, BT announced a partnership with Google Stadia to become Europe’s first 5G provider. Samsung, Huawei, Qualcomm, and MediaTek are among the chipmakers investing in 5G in order to deliver console-quality gaming to smartphones. Much of the success of cloud gaming over the next two years will be determined by the availability of 5G networks and smartphones.

Edge Computing

Cloud service providers use edge computing solutions to improve the client experience by reducing latency and offering improved performance by executing apps and performing processing activities closer to the consumer. AWS collaborates with Verizon, SK Telecom, KDDI, and Vodafone, while Microsoft Azure Edge Zones collaborates with nine operators, including AT&T, Telefónica, and Telstra, to build edge cloud locations that make use of their 5G networks.

These infrastructures will bring processing capacity closer to consumers, reducing network latency and, as a result, improving cloud gaming service quality. Soon, edge computing will become the standard in the cloud gaming business.


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