Coconut Whipped Cream – 5 Steps to Make At Home  

Want to make a great quality coconut whipped cream? If yes, then you don’t have to worry because if you follow the right steps, you can achieve great success. There are many ingredients that you can try, but the following recipe should help you make a coconut whipped cream quickly and effortlessly. 

Remember that coconut whipped cream is a fantastic dairy-free alternative that is both child-friendly and also vegan friendly. It’s a superior choice for use at home, pubs, restaurants, bars, and a variety of other commercial establishments.


  • Unsweetened coconut milk and 14 ounces of Thai kitchen full fat.
  • A tablespoonful of coconut oil that has been gently melted.
  • Gluten-free manila extract.
  • ¼ cup of a good quality sweetener.

Procedures to make your coconut whipped cream

Step 1:Place your coconut cream inside the refrigerator and ensure that it stays there overnight. Do not shake or tip the can because this will make the ingredients of the can mix. Ordinarily, the thick cream will stay on the tip side of the can, and the lower section will be composed of water.

Step 2: Open the can and scoop the thick cream without tipping the can. Put this cream in a bowl and put aside the liquid that is left on the lower section of the can. Make sure that you don’t include any water because this will affect the quality of the thickness.

Step 3: Add a sweetener of your choice. You can choose sugar or anything else, and after you have added the sweeteners, you can beat the mixture using a whisk. Do this for up to 2 minutes until the cream is visibly thick.

Step 4:You can add some toppings that suit your tastes and preferences. There are numerous options that you can choose from, so look around and get what suits your needs.  For instance, you can add fruit toppings such as berries and many more.

Step 5: Pour your coconut whipped cream into glasses or your preferred containers and serve.  Enjoy your delicious whipped cream and have fun with your loved ones.

Tips To Help You Get the Best Whipped Coconut Cream

  • Ensure that you use canned coconut milk and not carton-packed coconut milk. This is because carton coconut milk has less fat, and this makes it impossible to produce a thicker cream.
  • Use canned coconut milk that is BPA-free. Those products that are not labeled BPA-free should be avoided completely.
  • Avoid refrigerating the canned coconut milk before you start using it. This is because chilled milk doesn’t work in a great whip cream charger. After all, it will be excessively thicker and could split in the process.
  • Shake the can superbly well before you pour the contents into an iSi whipper.
  • Know that solid pieces will cause sputtering. This is why you must pass your mixture through a sieve.
  • Start dispensing the whipped cream slowly. Apply pressure as required when the cream is coming out without pressing the trigger excessively hard.

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