Color ideas for Pakistani walima dresses

Pakistani walima dresses are the height of fashion. The haute couture look of the garment demonstrates immediate class and a call for attention. With intricate beading and the right amount of embellishments, you cannot take your eyes off of its beauty. One of the things that makes the walima dress stand out the most is the combinations of colors you can find that will really make a statement when you wear this dress. Here are a few color ideas for your next Pakistani walima dress.

Color ideas for Pakistani walima dresses

Mix Bold With Subtle

The best way to mix bold with subtle is to make the bold subtly noticeable. Most Pakistani walima dresses will come in a cool, neutral color, but if you can add some pop to that calmness, your dress will stand out. Try and find a dress with a cream tone or an off-white tone and add some deep reds, purples, or deep greens to the outfit to accent the palette. Pinks also work well with this idea as they can pop the color without making too bold of a statement.

Let the Stones Do the Talking

If you want to keep your dress as just one simple color, then your embellishments can help make it more colorful. If your dress is light then pick some gemstones, sequins, or beading that is dark to give a contrast to the outfit. Do the opposite if your dress is dark with lighter beading and additions. With some dark dresses, you can go even darker with the beading to add depth. This works well with dark blues, purples and greens. With the right kind of orange, you can also add depth to the outfit.

Neutral Is Fine

With a lot of wedding dresses or more formal attire, neutral colors like creams, beiges, pale blues, or off-whites are great to wear because these outfits are more versatile. You will be able to wear them to just about any event. These colors also won’t clash with your date’s outfit making it easier for you to coordinate your wardrobes without making a spectacle of yourselves.

Gold Glitters

A great color to choose is gold. Gold can either be matte or it can be metallic. You can either blend in or you can sparkle and shine. Gold also compliments lighter colors like silver and white, so if you want to add some lighter beading or decorations to the gown you can do so and the additions won’t mute the gold and the gold won’t take away from the sequins or gemstones. Gold also has the quality to be bold while being subtle and if your date’s garment has some gold lining or gold designs, your dress will bring the gold out in their outfit making the perfect compliment in ensembles.

Whatever colors you prefer are also okay. It is your outfit and your dress, and however you want to present yourself and whatever colors make you feel beautiful are okay. These guidelines are here to help you if you just can’t seem to find anything to wear.


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