Comfortable Heels for the upcoming summer season

Summer is all about wearing stylish dresses along with a comfortable pair of sandals. However, finding the most suitable heels is surely a challenging task. You will either love the heels or hate them, there is no in between. Heels can elevate any of your outfits in the best possible way but they may hurt you sometimes as well. If you love heels, you’ll surely understand how it feels after wearing them for a long hectic day. However, comfortable heels never let you down and you can wear them all day long without thinking about the swelling of your feet.

As far as the previous year’s situation is concerned, most of the women couldn’t wear heels because of the strict lockdown situation which didn’t let them go out for fun, camping or to attend a party at a friend’s place. This was surely tiring for some but the upcoming summer is surely going to be the best one in terms of parties and fun. So, don’t forget to buy comfortable heels for the upcoming summer season.

Heels having length beyond 1 or 2 inches don’t feel perfectly comfortable especially if you work at a place where you have to stand or wander around all day. Therefore, in order to find comfortable heels, look for thicker heels along with strategic silhouettes which help in even distribution of your weight in order to avoid the pain points. This is the only way for you to look stylish while being comfortable at the same time.

How Good Are Flat Sandals for Performing Different Tasks During Summer?

In case of women, they have to perform a number of household and other activities for which they need flat shoes especially flat sandals which are comfortable in walking and even in running. Even though heels look sensual, flat ladies sandals and shoes are also required for their comfort. Moreover, you can wear heels with some of the dresses but flat ladies sandals are up for every event with any kind of outfit which is why they’re always preferred.

Let’s take a look at some of the comfortable heels for you to wear in the upcoming summer.

  1. Block Heel

These are made up of snake’s skin and are really comfortable. You can wear them for hours and slither around because they support the body’s natural alignment. The Vio-Motion technology introduced  by Vionic provides you with the required arc support. That’s the reason why their shoes have been approved by American Podiatric Medical Association. Another addition to their benefits is that they look cute even with 2.5-3 inches long heels.

  1. Women’s Pumps

You must be a big fan of prints and heels as well, so here is a combination of both for you. These comfortable heels are made in Italy using cowhide suede. The rubber sole makes it easy for you to step up anywhere you want, while the leather lining along with the footbed makes it more stylish to wear with any outfit.

  1. Ladies Sandal

Heels aren’t restricted to pumps only; you can avail them in open ladies sandals as well which makes them even more attractive in summer season. That is the reason why most women wear sandals while hanging out with their friends or at parties. Another reason is the comfort level of these sandals, you don’t need to open and close them again and again. Just wear them and step out of them at any time unlike the pumps or big heels which may hurt you. So, whenever you think of keeping it casual, the most comfortable heels you can wear are a pair of these sandals. The chunky heel makes these sandals stylish in their own way which is why they are best for the upcoming summer.

  1. Wedge Sandals

Can you think of a summer season without comfortable ladies’ sandals? Obviously not! Then why don’t you choose something that makes you feel like you are barefooted even if you’re wearing a pair of shoes? Well, this pair of sandals is ideal for you in each regard. In order to avoid your feet from rubbing against the jute, there is leather lining. So, there is no way you’re going to feel any pain while wearing these sandals. There is a strap as well (as you can see in the picture below) in order to adjust the ankle which makes it a perfectly suitable choice for the upcoming summer.

  1. Heel Sandals

Big heels seem to be stylish but they are not so comfortable if you have to wear them all day long. However, if you see your favorite celebrity wearing big heels at an award show or any other ceremony, you may give them a try to see how it feels to wear such long and painful shoes. So, even if long heels look stylish, there is no way you should start thinking that heels having smaller length aren’t graceful.

You can wear these heel sandals either with a dress or jeans, they will look equally beautiful. Moreover, the color of these pumps makes them even more special because it’s a bit different. The soft soles of these shoes also help in keeping the feet cozier. So, if you’re not a big fan of long heels, this is the perfect choice for you.

  1. Racer Pump

Pumps in most cases look quite sophisticated for which they are preferred by most women. Another reason for being an automatic choice is their block heel and rubber sole which keeps the feet in a comfortable position. The length of the heel ranges from 2-2.5 inches and there are various color options available, peachy-pink is the best of them all. So, choose the color and heel based on your comfort level, you’ll surely not regret this decision.

  1. Flat Ladies Sandals

Even though heels look way more stylish, we shouldn’t ignore the grace of flat ladies sandals. Same is the case with mules. They never get old-fashioned and if you feel like they do, change the color and then try them. So, if you’re tired of buying flat sandals or long heels again and again, try them out without thinking twice and look perfectly stylish while keeping yourself comfortable.

  1. Strappy Black Flat Sandals

Are you not feeling good in mules because of their front part? Aren’t you interested in heels? Well, here is a good thing for you. The strappy black sandals will prove to be your loyal friend during the upcoming summer because you can wear them comfortably for hours in the scorching heat of June and July. One of their benefits is that they are very lightweight and will last long because of their durability. The air entering through the straps or outside of them will avoid your feet from being sweaty. So, these flat ladies sandals have the utmost importance in the summer season.

  1. Square Toe Shoes

Square toe shoes are getting famous day by day because of them being more elegant than ballet flats or strappy flats. You can wear them with any of your outfits, especially jeans. However, they’ll look suitable with other dresses too because of their shape. So, choosing square toe shoes over ballet flats will surely be a wise decision.


Summer is considered to be the most dangerous one because of its scorching heat. In such hot and severe weather, all you need to do is to wear a comfortable dress along with a more comfortable pair of shoes. High heels at this point seem to be a bit awkward but if they’re comfortable, go for them. But they are used mostly for parties or when you hang out with your friends. If you’re performing other activities, it is better for you to go for flat sandals which provide you with comfort, style and the support you need. So, choose the best for you without thinking about what others will say about you because it’s all about your comfort and not other people’s opinions.


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