Common Indicators That Show Your Dog Is Sick

Dogs are hyper breeds that keep us entertained and happy each day; it feels so empty without them; they are our mood boosters. When they start aging, it’s harder for them to move around as much as they did when they were young. Their health concerns will begin to build up, and it’s hard for us to distinguish what they are going through because they cannot express the pain very well. Here are some concerning actions they do and enough reason to bring them into a vet clinic or to get them checked virtually. 

1. Drooling and excessively drinking water

Dog’s excessively drooling or drinking water for days is a weird action they don’t commonly do. The act of overly drooling might be caused by hydration, kidney failure, or liver disease. Observe them; you can see through their eyes if they are in pain or not, but it’s much better to get them checked in the vet to ensure the safety of your dog. 

2. Loss of appetite

Dogs love to eat; every dog owner knows this fact! They love the smell of their food and will demand treats when they are still hungry. It is concerning for dog owners to see their dogs not eating their food. In times like this, they are either no longer fans of the food ingredients or have severe health issues. If your dog hasn’t eaten for almost 8 hours, it’s better to consult a veterinarian.

3. Vomiting

Dogs who vomit blood or the food they recently ate are one the signs they have tummy issues! Don’t give them water for two to eight hours; if no symptoms of vomiting occur again, offer them a little water and get them checked. Monitor your pup from time to time so you can know what’s happening to them. Go to a vet clinic or schedule an appointment virtually to understand what triggers your dog to vomit; it’s better to see the reason rather than slipping it away.

4. Energy loss

If your dog keeps on laying around and not doing anything, there might be a reason, like your dog doesn’t have enough exercise. When this occurs, start changing your dog’s lifestyle by bringing your pup for a walk once in a while to build up your canine’s muscles or try to play catch with them to keep them active in their daily life.

5. Having a hard time breathing

When this happens to a dog, it’s either the food goes stocked to their throat, or they have health issues, don’t think of giving them water; go and bring your dog to the nearest vet around your home. It is better to hand this issue to professionals than solve it alone. The common mistake dog owners make is letting their dog growl in pain, thinking it will be over soon, which is wrong! Dogs can’t express what they are feeling; that’s why in times like this, go to your nearest vet and leave the situation to the veterinarians.


Health issues will start appearing once they get older, especially in summer. Living in a city like Sacramento, California, you would probably know how hot it is every summer; it’s concerning to your dog. Online vets in Sacramento are highly recommended because of how affordable yet helpful they can be with your dogs. In addition, Sacramento is a pet-friendly place where you can raise a dog because of its dog-friendly parks and nearby vets in every corner of the city. If your pet is experiencing one of these actions, it’s probably best to set an appointment to ensure they are okay rather than regretting it. Love your dogs always and be there for them all the time.

Source: https://www.pethealthnetwork.com/dog-health/dog-checkups-preventive-care/top-10-signs-your-dog-may-be-sick-and-what-you-can-do-about 


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