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Having a healthy nose might not be something we think about very often. However, it’s really important in everyday life. It’s not just a matter of all those delightful smells: fresh fruit, cologne, coffee, etc. but also a safety issue. We need to smell properly to identify a gas leak, a fire burning, burnt food, and so on. 

Nose disorders and related illnesses can be quite troubling. Therefore, we should take the precaution of reading up on this subject. Not sure about the most common nose problems and which treatments they might require? 

Let’s get started below. 

Disorders Related to Smell and Taste

If you can’t smell or taste properly, the quality of your life will go down. When you can’t smell, you can’t taste much either. So, all the joy of eating is gone. Such issues can occur due to polyps, upper respiratory infections, tumors, trauma, and many other causes. 

Once you get your diagnosis, the doctor can better guide you about the proper treatment. There could be an underlying health problem that you need to correct. Some conditions might require surgery to eliminate blockages. Other options might include making some changes, such as ceasing certain medication or giving up smoking because it could be the reason behind affected sinuses


Sinusitis occurs when fluid builds up inside our sinuses, which are the nasal-connected cavities in the face. Chronic sinusitis can be very serious. So, make sure you consult a doctor if the symptoms last for more than ten days without improvement. 

There are several home remedies for dealing with sinusitis, such as using a warm compress or nasal wash. Doctors might give medicines like steroid sprays, decongestants, antibiotics, irrigations, or antihistamines. If the infection doesn’t respond to such methods, you might need to get ESS (endoscopic sinus surgery). Fortunately, the procedure is simple. There will be slight, painless scarring and you can hopefully go home the same day. 

Deviated Septum

Many times, chronic sinusitis is the result of a deviated septum. This condition means that your nasal cavity needs to be checked properly. The septum is the wall between our nostrils; ideally, it should be right in the middle. 

In reality, an estimated 80 percent of nasal septum are a bit off-center. When the shift is a bit too severe, we call it a deviated septum. This will require surgery to correct, as it can cause difficulty in breathing, nasal congestion, recurring sinus infections, nosebleeds, facial pain, noisy breathing, and other uncomfortable symptoms. 

With a surgical pedicure called septoplasty, a deviated septum can get to a normal shape. This will also allow the ENT doctor to check the nose’s interior for any polyps or tumors. Some patients might opt for a balloon sinuplasty at Waterbury, CT. So, make sure to ask your doctor about the options available. 

Nasal and Sinus Polyps

Polyps are non-cancerous growth that can occur on the sinus or nose mining. It’s usually the result of inflammation due to an allergic reaction. Small polyps might not cause any symptoms to speak of, but larger ones can result in infections, breathing issues, etc. 

At times, it might be enough to take medication for shrinking or eliminating the polyps. More often, though, the medication is combined with surgical removal so that more polyps don’t develop. 

The Takeaway

Physicians who specialize in nose or sinus disorders are known as otolaryngologists. Your general physician should be able to help out if you have any of the issues mentioned above. If things are too serious, you might be referred to a specialist for more intensive treatment. Above all, don’t ignore the symptoms that are affecting your everyday routine. Take care of your nose, and you’ll get the reward very soon!

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