Common Problems with Plant Delivery

Purchasing plants online has its benefits, as you have access to different species just a few clicks away. Their prices are usually lower than local nurseries and greenhouses. And you get the plants delivered to your doorstep at an agreed date.

Yet, some problems can make the entire process a bit more challenging and stressful. While most people love the convenience of ordering plants online, it still has its downsides. Here are some of the most common problems and tips on avoiding them.

Not Researching the ToS

Buying plants online is very similar to buying anything else online. You will need to research the species you want, find a reputable source, and then wait for them to arrive. But you can’t be sure whether your new houseplants will survive the shipping process.

So when ordering online, make sure that you read the warranty and the terms and conditions. If the online nursery or seller stands behind their products, you’ll be more satisfied with your purchase. Also, ensure that you understand all the details of the ordering and delivery processes.

Pay particular attention to the refund policy of a specific online nursery or reseller. You have the right to cancel an order before shipping if you change your mind. Also, you could return a plant, if necessary, and get a full or partial refund (depending on the reason for your dissatisfaction).

Late Delivery

The delivery period will be different for various online nurseries. While many sellers have excellent service, some might have severe issues because of unreliable delivery providers or poor in-house organization. So it’s crucial to research buying and avoid mishaps that could cost you money and nerves.

Many online nurseries offer same-day delivery (within a specific area or state). That comes in handy if you need plants today for yesterday, for example, as a birthday gift. But, this feature doesn’t mean your package will arrive on time. Also, you can pick the exact date for your order. But no one can guarantee that your packages will arrive on that date.

Whether you are ordering plants today for today or a specific date in the future, the seller must give you some guarantee. Most nurseries give an estimated time of arrival instead of an exact date. If they ship the order on time, they have nothing with problems during delivery. But they usually have a plan in place to avoid these common problems.

Avoid Ordering for Holidays

Remember that holidays will cause a rush on delivery services, so choose a shipping date accordingly. There can be many problems with transportation, lack of workforce, or traffic jams, which can cause late delivery. So if you are not in a hurry, just avoid ordering on holidays.

Wrong Order

You’ve been waiting for those lovely red geraniums for months. But you’ve got pink ones. You ordered the Money tree, and the philodendron arrived. Don’t worry, order switches happen often, and sellers will solve them without discussion. You have every right to ask for a replacement paid by the seller as you didn’t get what you ordered and paid for.

Ask how much time you have to ask for a replacement. Because some flowers bloom later, it will be months before you realize you got the wrong order. You can’t expect a full refund, but if you’re persistent, you can get your money back, especially if it’s a bigger batch.

How to ensure the ordering process to go smoothly, find out below:


Plant Arrived in Poor Condition

In many cases, houseplants can endure shipping, even nationwide or across the globe. But they may arrive in poor condition when you order them online. That’s an infraction of the contract, as all reputable vendors ensure the plants they ship. So if you’ve just got your ficus unhealthy or wilted, you can claim a refund.

If your room greenery arrives dead or in bad shape, snap a photo of it. If it doesn’t look like the one in the seller’s photos, be very detailed in taking shots from every angle. They will be your major proof when asking for a refund.

The sellers probably won’t ask you to ship the package back once they determine that its poor condition was their fault. Instead, they will just send you a new one with no extra costs. So you can just discard a welted plant right away.

Damaged Plants

Suppose you have an issue with a plant damaged during the transportation. In that case, you should contact both the delivery service and the seller immediately. If the nursery shipped a plant in a good state but arrived broken, you should return or throw it away and get a refund or replacement. More about your rights in this case check here.

During colder months, good nurseries usually pause the shipping of cold-sensitive plants. They could include heat packs if you agree, so the plants won’t die during transportation. Still, keep in mind that they can damage along the way.

Always choose nurseries that provide insurance for their greenery. That tells a lot about their reputation and credibility. No one wants to put their public image at risk because of a few tens or hundreds of dollars. Their policy will cover your costs for a damaged plant and shipping.

Reputable vendors and nurseries will usually go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to please their customers. Whether your package is damaged, broken, in poor condition, or didn’t turn up, your right is to get a refund or replacement and be happy with the purchase.


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