Construction net price in Kenya

Construction in Kenya has been, is and will continue to be a practice embraced in a bid to conform to the fast-evolving world we are in. The preliminary stage in the construction execution has always been price; the actual cumulative amount to put into the venture. This article puts you in the know as far as the nitty-gritty construction prices in Kenya are like.

Factors to consider before settling on a good prevailing construction price in Kenya

As it is at the moment in the country, a good number of construction firms are already in place, complete with construction materials and labour force. Consequently, competition for clients has cropped up, thus impacting positively on the quality of services rendered to consumers (construction project developers).

Below are some of the items worth putting into consideration in the course of acquiring construction services.

Site Location

Infrastructure and foundation are the key areas to look at here.

Breaking down on infrastructure, the road network comes in handy. The cost of construction goes up in areas that are poorly accessible by road as compared to those that have an improved road network concerning the acquisition of building and construction materials.

On to the aspect of the foundation. The foundation is the first stage in any construction. A strong foundation base guarantees a firm and reliable construction, going forward. Therefore, the foundation has to be done keeping in mind the type of soil in the construction site. Foundation depth goes as per the type of soil involved.

The more the depth of foundation, the deeper the trenches are dug and the more the reinforcement needed in place, hence cost. Working with red soil is relatively cheaper than with black cotton soil: The foundation with black cotton soil may be up to twice the cost of red soil as the foundation begins at the deep rock and trenches are dug deep to the deeper.

Specification of Construction Materials

The materials needed for construction, coupled up with workmanship, are dear in any construction exercise. At this juncture, a joint deliberation by a developer and quantity surveyor should result in a decision to either go for the certified and proven materials or opt for those that are relatively cheaper yet still meet the threshold of the presumed construction net price in Kenya.

Some construction stages require that only a particular trusted quality of materials is used for purposes of say safety from unavoidable catastrophes and durability. All the above come with varied costs.

Choice of Building Contractors

Like any other profession, the construction industry has professionals who provide all kinds of devices throughout the construction project. A developer works with professionals such as an architect, quantity surveyor, contractor, structural engineer, carpenters, plumbers and landscapers. All of these, are equally significant during the various construction stages.

Owing to the above, a developer has to only work with certified and licensed ones so that they do not brush shoulders with construction authorities and regulatory bodies. By doing so, they spend only the quoted and budgeted for construction costs and thwart the possibility of having to fork out any additional amount to conform with set regulations of the land.

Economic Factors

The most notable factor here is financing. The source of finance to be put into a construction project has a far-reaching implication on the overall construction cost. Such sources as own savings, grants and contributions from family and friends have no implied strings attached unlike the case with say bank financing.

Accrued interests from financiers are subject to changes triggered by inflation. Should inflation occur, construction cost goes up simultaneously and therefore affecting the initial budget arrived at during the budgeting process at the start of the project.


When making the crucial decision of drafting a budget for construction in Kenya at any given time, the above factors have got to be looked at. They are just a handful picked for this piece. Most importantly, due diligence on each price detail culminating in the success of construction in Kenya is a must for convenience.


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