Countries That Limit Slots Gambling

The UK is quite liberal when it comes to all forms of gambling including slots. Gambling is legal and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. UK players love the slots, it’s the most popular form of gambling both online and offline. However, there are many people in countries around the world who are unable to enjoy playing slots due to gambling limitations – play aloha slot.

Where in the world is slots gambling illegal?

There are currently fifteen countries where all forms of gambling including slots are banned. Most countries will not include tourists in these laws but it’s important to check before you travel. You don’t want to face prosecution for playing your favourite slot game!  Countries where gambling is illegal include:

  •         UAE
  •         Brunei
  •         Singapore
  •         Ecuador
  •         Turkey

Many of the countries which have strict laws against gambling do so for religious reasons. If not for religious reasons, gambling is also limited in some countries for moral reasons.

Other countries have not banned slots gambling outright but have much greater restrictions on gambling than in the UK. For example, in Japan most forms of gambling are banned including slots, but sports betting is allowed. Chile, Brazil, and Thailand ban gambling online if the site is operated in their countries but gambling on foreign sites is permitted.

What other limits can be imposed on slots gambling?

Gambling limitations are not as straight forward as illegal v illegal. Even in countries where slots gambling is legal there are generally rules and regulations in place. In Australia limits were put on slots gambling under the 2012 National Gambling Reforms Act. All slots must support a commitment system which allows players to set a limit period and loss limit.

And although the USA is home to Las Vegas, the most famous gambling capital in the world, nine states have bans on buying and selling slot machines. In the UK, all slots gambling is regulated, and the Gambling Commission have the power to introduce limits.

Will the UK ever limit slots gambling?

It’s unlikely that slots gambling will ever be made illegal in the UK. There is a general consensus that restricting gambling completely is retroactive approach to safeguarding players, as quite often people will still find ways to gamble without the protections of a licensing body. However, the UK Gambling Commission have been looking very closely at slots gambling, in particular online slots. As of 31st October 2021, there will be four new regulations imposed upon the slots gambling sector.

  1. Reverse withdrawals are no longer allowed because it encourages players to continue gambling after they had intended to stop.
  2. Positive sounding music when a player loses money will be banned from slots games.
  3. Slots games cycle speeds must be slowed down, and turbo play banned.
  4. Multi – slot play which allows players to gamble on more than one slot at once will also to be banned.

For players these new regulations should result in some welcome changes. They will not limit players enjoyment of slots games but help ensure that slots sites provide a safe environment that encourage players to gamble responsibly.


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