Covering Basic Facilities Like Air, Water, and Power In Any Building






Sustaining life is not just the pumping of the heart. Living beings require certain utilities to live on. In the case of humans, these utilities include, air for breathing and which means good air, water that is good for drinking, cooking, and cleaning purposes, food that can provide the needed nutrients and energy, and electrical power for operating our daily use appliances.

For building structures, air, water, and electrical power are the main concerns. Thus, for these concerns, their respective arrangements are made. First, let us understand what are they and how they work. later on their installation and then working.

Mechanical Systems

For air and temperature mechanical systems function. These systems are responsible for maintaining and regulating purposes. They keep the air clean and thus provide quality air to breathe in. This includes eliminating all the dust particles in the air.

Further, this system makes way for temperature regulation. By compressing air and decreasing its temperature, the whole environment indoors can be managed.  

Electrical System

This system includes the passage of electricity in both ways like the piping system. The function wires perform in piping, wires do in this system. In addition to that, an electrical system includes more danger than piping and mechanical systems. Often to build them contractors have electrical estimating services

Piping Systems

Providing water supply and maintaining drainage are paramount. The piping system provides a safe passage in both ways. Water enters intact and clean and passes without anything penetrating. Later after usage drainage water is shown out without any leakage.

This makes water availability possible in the given building for residential and commercial buildings. While for industrial buildings, this system makes way for a number of other industrial fluids.  

How to Provide These Facilities?

Providing the desired air condition, suitable water & drainage, and finally electricity, their respective systems are built inside the underlying building. First, their drawing plans are readied. Then accordingly to those plans, these systems are made. These systems require their own set of materials and items.

Building owners hire the concerned contractors. These contractors then acquire those sets of materials and items. Subsequently, with the right labor force, those acquired objects are installed as per the plan. To go through all that they often have MEP estimating. This estimating service, provide them the information regarding the specifications and quantities.

Once installed, these systems make the discussed facilities available and as a result inhabitants both with long term stay and ones just visiting should have the comfort they need.

Other Facilities

In addition to water, air, and power, we humans require other facilities and conveniences as well. These facilities make our living calm and smooth. They include doors and windows, communication like telephone and internet, fire management system, insulation from outside’s effects, elevators, escalators, stairways, and others. 

These facilities too are an important part of the building we humans live in, also the building we work in, and others such as buildings that provide us with occasional pleasure like parks.

Therefore, all the man-residing building structures need to have all these facilities too if they hope to provide life with the needed care and consideration.


We, humans, live in different sorts of buildings. But, these buildings are different from each other in many aspects but all of them require various facilities to support life inside. Air, water, and electrical power are the fundamental ones among them. Thus, these facilities should be available in all of them. Also in addition to those, there lie others as well and it is best that those too are included.

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