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If you’re someone who enjoys the experience of playing table games at the casino, there’s a high probability that you’ve played craps more than a few times.

A game that’s long been known to have relatively favorable odds to players and a low house edge, this casino staple has been winning (and losing) gamblers money for many, many years. But how much do you really know about the history behind craps?

In this article, I’ll get into some of the facts that even the most experienced craps players may not have known, or even considered. foxz168 ทางเข้า  is best to link with casino games and much more.

Odds of 1.56 Trillion to 1

All gamblers are familiar with occasionally taking a craps bet that most would consider to be a “longshot.” Things happen all the time that nobody could have ever predicted. Statistical anomalies are more common that most people believe, but this one takes the cake.

Anyone who has experienced the frustration of throwing the dice over and over again while seemingly hitting a 7 every time might not think this type of run is even possible, but alas, one New Jersey grandmother set the record that will never be broken. I know that “never” is a long time, but you judge. She rolled a pair of dice for 154 consecutive throws. Yes, the odds are 1.56 trillion to 1.


Sometimesreal money craps is heaven, and sometimes, it can be hell. Like all games, there are a large number of superstitions that can be observed around the craps table.

One of the most revered craps superstitions, however, is the idea that the number seven should never be said. Think “Voldemort” being called “You-Know-Who.” Yes, it’s that serious. It’s so serious that players will refer to the number seven simply as “it” or “devil” should it need to be mentioned.

Because there are more combinations adding up to seven than any other number, players must try extra hard to avoid it, which means calling on the supernatural forces that be to help keep seven, or devil, at bay. This is proof that when it comes to gambling, people will try it all.

There Have Been Some Massive Wins

All casino games have had their share of huge winners. These are the players who have done what most people can only dream of—walk away from the casino with millions.

He gained massive notoriety in the gambling world by increasing a $17 million fortune into $40 million over the span of just a few months in the mid-‘90s. Karas would bet as much as a $100,000, an amount most people will never see in the flesh, on one single roll.

 It Takes Four Workers to Manage the Tables

Gambling and casino movies often portray the craps table as the center of attention. And guess what? They’re right!

Whether they’re playing or just enjoying the show, usually a dozen or more people can be found gathered around any craps table on a Friday or Saturday night. This means that more casino staff and dealers are required to keep things going smoothly, which explains why there aren’t as many craps tables as, say, blackjack tables in the pit.

The best teams are able to pull off this dance with a sort of calm and collected choreography. However, it goes without saying that there are some moments of chaos that take place when so many people are involved. With that being said, this might be why craps has maintained its reputation as one of the most exciting and communal games in the entire casino!

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