Crazy Reasons to Consider When Buying a Magnetic Phone Charger

A significant consideration in finding the correct phone is finding one with enough battery life, which is why humans spring for improved, newer models every time. Charging devices are becoming similarly crucial as they determine the pace your device can charge and your comfort when charging. These and more explain why magnetic phone chargers are increasing in popularity. With the suitable magnetic phone charger, you can utilize what you’d have considered space-age tech in the comfy of your home. Besides, it’s a great way of shrugging off the problems with lousy charging cables. There are several magnetic phone chargers, and they all look the same. To get a charger that’ll serve you suitably for a long time, exercise caution when buying. Here are points to consider.

Charging Capability

Not every phone charger is made the same, but fortunately, magnetic phone chargers are often more efficient. The ability to rapidly charge your device will come to prove vital when you want to get ready and leave within the shortest possible time and your battery is running out. It is tough to determine which ones have the most outstanding charging speeds, but checking reviews can illuminate you on the charging capacity of various chargers.

Cord Length

You desire a wire that will be long enough to get to your appliance without having to get up to go get it. The default cables do not cut it out, so you will want one about 3-4 feet, with 6 feet being an excellent medium-range and over 10 feet being great in length. With long cords, it’ll be simpler to sit on the divan away from the closest wall plug-in without the need to get up and readjust the cable if you ever have to. The advantage of electromagnetic technology is that it simply needs to be near enough to conduct energy, but you’ll still need the cable to be long for ease of use.


It is also essential to buy a charger compatible with several gadgets. You might own one phone, or perhaps you possess multiple, or maybe you have an tablet too. Whatever your gadgets are, you should get a charger that is well-suited with multiple gadgets if you want to charge more devices. USB 2.0, USB-C, Micro B, and USB mini are the universal input plug-ins, so that’s what you’ll find for nearly all magnetic chargers. This will let your visitors charge their gadgets without having to walk around to pull out a complete charger.

Additional Attachments

Any excellent magnetic charger bundle should feature a range of plug-in inputs for the various gadgets stated. Similarly, if one gets lost, it should have extra magnetic heads, so you have a backup. When buying magnetic chargers, you should try to find one with a variable range of motion to enable you to charge your phone even in awkward positions. A 3600 rotational plug-in is convenient when you’re lying in bed and don’t desire the cable to fall out. This way, you won’t have to worry about moving to and fro to plug your device back in.

A magnetic phone charger is an easy progression in technology that leaves you wondering why not all chargers are made the same way. Once you try it, you will never go back to ordinary chargers. However, you should be careful when purchasing to get the right product.