Create attractive scrunchies from a fat quarter of Fabric

The ’80s du jour has made a comeback! Let us bring the trend of D.I.Ying it back.

It is amusing to see trends coming full circle again. The scrunchy-mania is back. It is fun to see the plethora of colors a scrunchie has to offer. With all shapes and sizes, scrunchie has made its way into everybody’s wardrobe. Not only the color but the varieties of fabric available is also appealing. And it is the fabric that decides how alluring a scrunchie would look.

The trend of wearing a scrunchie is growing, and so is making it at home. More and more people are finding it appealing to make scrunchies with their craft supplies. The fascination with handmade satin and velvet scrunchies is taking over the crowd.

Make scrunchies at home!

The whole point of wearing a scrunchie is accentuating your hair’s look. The satisfaction of making your favorite hair accessories with craft supplies at your home is unmatched. And what is exciting is you can make it with a fat quarter fabric in less than an hour.

First things first

  • Have a clear view in mind about the size of scrunchie you want to make.
  • Choose a soft fabric that is high in quality and does not fray.
  • Have safety pins handy to thread the elastic.
  • Always prefer good-quality strong threads to sew.
  • Keep needles of all sizes ready.
  • Sewing machines with all-purpose sewing machines foot is recommended (if stitching on a machine).

One step at a time.

  • Cut the quarter fabric into two rectangular pieces. The measurements depend on the size of the scrunchie you want to sew.
  • A large scrunchie can have 20×3.5 inches or a small with 18×2.5 inches.
  • Cut the elastic into 8 to 10 inches as per the size chosen.
  • Hair volume and length determine the number of twists required on your hair to fit the scrunchie.
  • You can always make a test scrunchie to understand the perfect measurement for your next one.
  • Fold the fabric’s RST and pin it up.
  • Sew the ends together with secure stitching.
  • Turn the sewn fabric inside out.
  • Press the seam after turning the fabric.
  • Then thread in the elastic through the fabric tube and tie a knot at the ends.
  • Sew the raw edges to secure the ends.

And your scrunchie is ready.

How important is the fabric?

The cloth of a scrunchie is not just a matter of appeal or beauty. It is also deeply connected with the health of your hair and your comfort. For instance, a velvet scrunchie not only makes you look the belle of the ball but also saves you unwanted hair tugs and breakages.

What are our options?

There are a lot of fabric material options available when buying a scrunchie. But going for good quality materials is necessary. Let us discuss some of our options that looks good and does not stress your hair-

Velvet scrunchie

The soft velvety fabric on a scrunchie looks not only elegant but also feels gentle on hair. The priority should be given to the fabric when making a scrunchie. We should understand the effect of that cloth material on our hair. Along with the beautiful finish, the material should have little to no frays. They are light-weighted. Velvet scrunchies can be worn for hours daily without feeling a tug on your hair.

 Satin scrunchie

Another material that looks elegant and is soft on your hair is Satin. It holds up the pesky frizz in place. If you are worried about your hair health, then consider the satin fabric. Satin hair accessories improve the growth of your hair. The soft material reduces hair breakages. And the reduced tug and stress over hair cuticles would result in hair growth propulsion. So if you are worried about your cuticle damage or frizz, you should try to use satin scrunchies. It gently reduces the breakage and thinning of hair.

Silk scrunchie

The smooth texture makes silk a popular choice. The natural fabric is very beneficial for hair health. It reduces hair thinning and improves hair quality. Silk can be one of the best choices in materials to make your DIY scrunchie. But it is recommended to start working with other fabrics. Silk fabrics are a bit hard to tame. Once you gain hands-on experience with sewing, you can work with silk fabrics.

Design trends

There are many creative and attractive designs available on the internet. You can use these design ideas for your handmade scrunchie. If you are looking for trending, innovative ideas, you can visit professional websites like The Halo Effect.You can get a vast collection of the latest scrunchies. Find the look you want and stitch up a similar copy for yourself.


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