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Criminal Minds is one of my number one shows. It’s engaging, astounding, showstopping, and an extraordinary show for foundation clamour while you look through Instagram.

Since I have watched it so much, I have suppositions about the characters that you could like.

So I chose to rank them from most exceedingly awful to best:

9. Elle Greenaway

She was distinctly on the show for two seasons, yet damn it, and I could not stand her. She was SO whiny about everything, faulted others for her mix-ups, ~and~ truly, I accept she had a beautiful one-sided perspective on everything. She applauded herself for doing the base, and I was so happy to see her off the show. Byeee.

8. JJ

Eh, I don’t have a lot of an assessment on JJ. I believe she’s incredible at her specific employment, and I missed her when she “left” momentarily. She isn’t a person who stood apart from me, and she conceded her adoration for Reid while being with her better half. Then, at that point, they choose to remain friends drama. Fun truth: Her child on the show is her Genuine child, and he is simply so cracking charming!

7. Derek Morgan

I have an affection disdain relationship with Derek Morgan. On the one hand, he’s a boss specialist. Then again, he’s Truly obstinate, and it’s such a side road. Likewise, am I the one in particular who doesn’t care for how he flatters Penelope? Everybody believes it’s so charming; however, it runs over (to me) as manipulative and improper. In case I was Penelope, I’d continually help thinking about what his aims were.

Even though I will say, his grin is…*chef’s kiss*.

6. David Rossi

I must be straightforward: I was not a fan from the start, but rather it was normal because I missed Gideon to such an extent. After a couple of scenes (and legitimate lamenting time), I developed to like Rossi. He can be pompous, yet he’s brilliant and even has some carefree minutes.

5. Jason Gideon

I MISS YOU, GIDEON. He was a particularly astounding person on this show. Thus numerous fans were frustrated when he left. He was fast reasoning and partook in his association with different specialists.

You’ll be missed, Gideon.

4. Emily Prentiss

Single-word: boss. Emily Prentiss is an excellent female person, and I truly appreciate her for it. She doesn’t take poop from anybody; also, she was, similar to, a subtle spy. Could she be any cooler?

3. Hotch

Ahem, if you read my other post about my affection for Hotch, you’ll realize I’m one-sided about his situation on this rundown. I’m fixated on Hotch. He’s cold and genuine. However, he is savvy as hellfire and deals with his group. Consequences are damned. Plus…*swoon*.

2. Penelope Garcia

Ok, Penelope is the glossy encouraging sign and light in this dull, dim show. Her peculiar style and playful character consistently gave genuinely necessary comedic help during the dismal minutes. How she continually sees the positive qualities in individuals, even in her position, shows what an astonishing person she truly is.

Furthermore, she’s so cracking charming.

1. Spencer Reid

How might one not love Spencer? He’s a virtuoso, he’s attractive as heck, and he’s so darn cute. How he believes is intriguing, and I, for one, love when he gets into digressions of something he’s genuinely keen on. Likewise, would we be able to discuss that scene where he said, “This is quiet, and it’s ‘primary care physician'” when the executive was examining him? The best line in the whole show, no doubt.

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