CRO of the Website with Popular Free Tools

Launching a business is not an easy task to do, nor is keeping your head above water after things are done. What you aim for is probably ever-increasing traffic to the website and consequently more customers with better sales. Let’s have a look at the ways that will help you make it. 

What is the conversion rate?

Among the whole diversity of marketing terms, the conversion rate is pretty straightforward. It’s the number of visitors on a website that completes the desired action. 

The conversion rate is usually conveyed as a percentage of the whole amount of the website’s visits. While an average good conversion is considered around 2-5%, earning a higher figure is not impossible if using some optimization strategies.  

What is CRO?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) means an increase in the number of conversions from a website. Creating a better user experience is the foremost step towards enhancing a higher number of customers and revenue per visit accordingly. 

Despite the specificity of any web page, numerous tools for better CRO can be named. Based on the individual needs, they can make all the difference by unleashing your business’ potential to cultivate more visitors and turn them into leads. 

Which CRO tools can be of use?

Here are some free tools that will enable an effective and seamless e-commerce journey for both parties. 

1. Pop-ups

Pop-ups are windows that temporarily overlay the main page grabbing visitors’ attention. Some might argue that pop-ups are not especially well-liked among Internet users, yet they prove to yield results if implemented wisely. 

Instead of bombarding website visitors with numerous floating boxes, put yourself in their place and think about what you’d like to get as a customer. 

Consider creating personalized offers for different parts of the website. With such an approach, customers are more likely to engage if a displayed offer is indeed relevant. Also, give them some time to scroll down a page and get acquainted with supply. 

With the help of pop-up windows, you can collect leads much more efficiently. Visitors are generally more likely to fill out a box providing their e-mail, for example, if they get some kind of a discount or free shipping in return. 

A well-thought-out design is your business’ friend. A pop-up with a nice picture and/or smart wording will not leave anyone indifferent. Just have a look at the page overlay of the Shinesty website! 

2. Live chats

What can be better than granting prompt help with a human touch to your website visitors? LTVplus noted that implementing a live chat to a website results in improved conversion by 12%. 

Live chats create a better user experience, as they can provide personalized assistance with any query or problem a customer encounters. Website visitors may also be confronted with an extensive range of goods or services, and a real-time solution will be there to dispel any doubts. 

A friendly and not intrusive message on a Ruffwear website welcomes its guests and informs them about an assistance possibility in one fell swoop. 

3. Facebook chatbots

Introducing a Messenger chatbot to your website makes it more fruitful in terms of uplifting sales. A range of huge companies already went for it. Numbers speak for themselves: there are currently over 300,000 active chatbots on Facebook.

For example, Sephora uses instant messaging to welcome its clients, offer a chat with an agent, and navigate them to the closest store. 

As chatbots operate 24/7, they enable instant responses regardless of the time of day or time zone. With a minute quantity of waiting time, visitors can get answers to their inquiries, which reflects positively on their satisfaction. 

To increase conversion rate, you need to update and optimize your services regularly. The easiest way is to opt for direct feedback from your customers. 

4. Mobile apps 

Usage of a mobile app will bring more efficacy to any business. Having all the desktop features close at hand means that you can respond to your clients just in no time. 

Moreover, it becomes possible to learn about sources that led visitors to the website. Thus you can assess how efficient this or that backlink or advertisement is. Also, having access to customer history and evaluating it can help you get insights on what is in demand, what works, and what doesn’t. 

Final thoughts 

All the tools mentioned above are designed for creating the best user experience possible with ultimately high conversion. Based on the specifics of a particular business, think about one or even a couple that are going to work in your case. 

While used in a bundle, pop-ups can inform visitors about current discounts and sales or collect data, whereas live chats and chatbots will reach customers on a more personal level, accompanying them through their shopping journey. A combination of different solutions will kill two birds with one stone, namely, increase customer satisfaction and boost conversion. 


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