Cybersecurity and Sexual Harassment Training: How to Protect Employees

If you’ve heard of the company Verkada, you would know they made headlines for all the wrong reasons in 2020. The facial recognition software implemented by the company was misused as male employees used them to photograph their female colleagues.

It’s for reasons like these that sexual harassment compliance training is essential. Here are some ways that your company can go about protecting employees.

Have a Strict Policy

The first thing your company can do to keep your employees safe is to enforce a strict no harassment policy. This policy needs to detail the types and signs of sexual harassment that people can experience.

From there, detail what should happen if someone is harassed or knows of someone being harassed. It would help if you also clarified the consequences for people who are found to harass others in the workplace.

This ensures that everyone understands the company’s stance and knows what can happen if they don’t follow the rules. This policy should be a part of monthly cybersecurity training as well as employee onboarding.

Keep Social Media Private

It’s no secret that one thing your company did before hiring someone was checking their social media. After you hire them, they must continue to maintain a certain level of privacy while with your company.

Make sure your employees know the importance of staying private on their social media platforms because if not, it can lead to online harassment. Not only harassment, but it could also mean the company receives outside threats.

Employees can also take the time to self-audit themselves. When they do this, it’s to remove personal information they’ve shared online that’s not necessary.

If they don’t know how to do this, you can always find a company that can help them scrub their information from online platforms.

Make Resources Available

It’s one thing to have everything laid out in the company manual; it’s another to provide employees with the resources necessary to escalate a situation in case it occurs. These resources should include:

  • Proper employee onboarding
  • How to escalate a problem to the proper people
  • Sexual harassment training refreshers

It’s an excellent way for employees to come back and review things they might have forgotten. Not to mention cybersecurity awareness training has several parts that can be challenging to remember; therefore, employees need a place to tap into all the information they were taught.

Sexual Harassment Training 101

Sexual harassment or any form of harassment isn’t tolerated in the workplace or outside of it. With more workers working from home, you must offer sexual harassment training to employees to keep them and your business safe.

If you’re looking for a company that will provide you with the training you can use throughout your company, you can various accredited compliance training provider online. Not only they offer training on sexual harassment, but they also offer bundle materials for dental and medical offices.

They will provide your staff with the knowledge they need to remain safe at all times.