Decra Stone Coated Steel Roofing – Did You Know it Has Been Around For Over 50 Years






Roof tiles are very advantageous compared to other traditional forms of roofing. Roof tiles are also made from different materials like metal, concrete, and plastic. On this page, we will discuss some advantages and also look into a few kinds of new roofing tiles.

Decra Stone Coated Roofing Tiles Latest Addition

As time goes by, many things like technology advance, but so do we. It is an honor as an organization to introduce the latest inventory of Decra Roofing Tiles. These tiles are lightweight, durable, resilient and are resistant to vandalism and breakage. Here are some of their profiles.

Stratos: Stratos tiles are designed to look and feel like traditional concrete or slate tiles. They come in handy in a wide range of applications including commercials. Thanks to their robust and durable nature, they offer superior protection from harsh weather. Stratos tiles come in colour finishes such as Pepper stone, Teak and Anthracite.

Elegance: When high impact architectural design and style are combined, they give rise to the Decra Elegance tiles. These tiles come available in three main attractive finishes namely: Satin Terracotta, Satin Graphite, and Satin Mocha. Its available colour finishes include High Gloss Green, High Gloss Black, and High Gloss Bordeaux.

Oberon: If you love your roofing system with wooden shingles or conventional clay, then Oberon is the ideal roof tile for you. Oberon tiles feature strength and durability despite their lightweight nature. They come in bark, Sunset, and Eclipse colour finishes.

Classic: For the most effective, and versatile roofing solution, classic roof tiles are the ideal choice. They are specifically designed to resemble concrete or traditional clay roofing tiles. Their main finishes include Teak, Shiny Black, Terracotta, and Brindle.

Decra Plus: Just like Classic tiles, Decra Plus tiles are designed to take after traditional clay and concrete tiles. To the naked eye, they actually bear resemblance to Classic tiles except they are thicker and more robust. These features are unmatched. For added security features, Decra Plus roof tiles are the absolute choice to go with.

What makes Decra Roof tiles so advantageous?

  1. Cost Effective: Decra roofing tiles prices in Kenyaare very considerably friendly. Using materials such as timber, or iron sheets can be quite costly depending on where your constructions site is. In such cases, it is smart that you consider Decra roof tiles as they offer a cost advantage.
  2. Availability: Roof tiles are readily available. Timber may sometimes not be readily available due to some factors like weather, and deforestation. Decra roof tiles on the other hand are quick to manufacture and can be delivered to you on a set date.
  3. Lightweight: As stated earlier in this article, Decra roof tiles are lightweight. This makes them easy to install, and also help you cut down on costs.
  4. Fast Installation: Decra roofing tiles quick installation factor is majorly facilitated by their lightweight feature. This again helps cut down on unnecessary costs, helping you save more.


Choosing Decra roofing tiles is a smart decision to make. As we have seen in this article, these tiles are made from premium material and have numerous advantages. Hurry while stocks last.

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