Deep Tissue Massage with Reflexology at Good Hands

Good Hands Massage is a great place for you to relieve stress and pain with full-body Swedish massages, deep tissue massage (including reflexology foot massage), plus fresh linens and Chinese tea.

Full Body Massage

Our Citrus Heights Full Body Massage services include Swedish and Ashiatsu techniques. Swedish massage is a style of relaxing massage aimed at relieving muscle tension and stress. We use this technique to target your muscles, working out knots in deeper layers than the average masseuse would be able to reach on their own with just hands alone due to our unique equipment set up that allows us access all around you for ultimate relaxation benefits. Our therapists also incorporate ashiatsu into our massages by using bare feet during sessions instead of socks or any other traditional shoe coverings like sandals – we go completely barefoot so we can better apply pressure where needed without limiting ourselves from reaching those tough spots because they’re too deep under shoes.

A full body Swedish massage is our most popular service, but Ashiatsu may be worth a try for something new. These are the two types of massage therapy people often think about when they consider getting treatment for soreness, fatigue or stress. Full body massages can be performed on their own or in combination with foot reflexology during special deals like ours which offer these treatments together at reduced rates!

Deep Tissue Massage

Our Citrus Heights Deep Tissue Massage uses a combination of Western and Eastern techniques to improve one’s health, including the body’s resistance to stress. It does this by systematically releasing tension in contracted areas using pressure on them. In order for your full healing and relaxation, you need relieving from below surface tension that nests inside it – so our specialist must be able find those tense spots where they hide!

Citrus Heights Deep Tissue Massage has been shown in studies to help those with chronic pain, such as arthritis. It increases flexibility and mobility by reaching far into the tissues to clear out knotted blood vessels. The treatment can be used for more specific relief while targeting sore spots on your body due -to injury or physical stress like lower back discomfort from an intense workout that causes stubborn leg pain after sitting all day at a desk.

Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology is a technique that originated from ancient Chinese medicine. It’s believed to promote relaxation and well-being through the stimulation of reflex points in your hands and feet. Reflexologists believe there are energy lines within our body, which can be used to alleviate symptoms elsewhere without actually touching them directly on those areas!

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese technique that involves massaging the feet and hands as a means for promoting relaxation as well as overall wellness. In addition clinicians who practice this method claim it works by stimulating different points throughout the body thus alleviating certain conditions or diseases associated with these specific parts of your hand or foot such as nausea brought about by stomach issues arising from stress manifesting itself into pressure around one’s chest area.

Foot Massage in Citrus Heights Reflexology is similar to deep-tissue massage, with one key difference being that this service does not require any clothes to be removed. This means people who are uncomfortable or unable enjoy full services may still find great deal of utility in Foot Massage Citrus Heights Reflexology. Pressure and strokes applied help balance the body’s health sometimes treat conditions such as autoimmune disorders inflammation mental illness.”

If you’re interested in multiple massage types, or simply want to fit as many massages into one day’s schedule as possible, Good Hands Massage offers combination services. We always start with a fresh towel and robe for maximum comfort! With a Citrus Heights location on Auburn Boulevard, scheduling an appointment is super easy!


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