Delaying Your Period for Holidays

You’ve finally booked a holiday, work has suited to your vacation, but it’s up to you to decide when you’re on your period while you’re away, and it overcomes things. Periods are a natural and healthy part of life, but there are moments when we all hope they wouldn’t come. There are various methods to delay your period for a holiday or particular event, including using period delay pills called Norethisterone.

How do Norethisterone Pills Work?

This period delay tablet contains a synthetic version of the female hormone progesterone, which prevents the uterine lining from falling during your period. You will ordinarily get your period 2-3 days after stopping Norethisterone.

How to Take Norethisterone for Delaying Your Period

Norethisterone is a synthetic progestogen that is related to our usually produced hormone progesterone. During the period, the levels of the hormone progesterone drop, causing the lining of your uterus to fall off and your period. If progesterone – or Norethisterone – is held full time, the levels don’t reduce, preventing menstruation. Here is a guideline for taking Norethisterone to delay your periods without any difficulties:

  • You will typically take one tablet three times (15 mg) 1 time a day.
  • It would be best if you started taking tablets three days before the start of your period.
  • Your period will generally start within days of taking the tablet.
  • If you don’t have your period after completing a course of Norethisterone tablets, talk to your doctor if you are pregnant.
  • If you take more Norethisterone tablets than you should, contact your doctor immediately.
  • If you skip taking Norethisterone pills, take the tablet as quickly as you remember and regularly take the pills.
  • Don’t take a doubled dose for a missed dosage.

Are Period Delay Pills Safe?

Norethisterone is medically approved and the only medicine designed to assure that women, in particular, can restrain the start and end dates of periods.

Treatment is safe and can be achieved without seeing a doctor face to face, but it is not a form of contraception and will not act that way.

The medication serves by mimicking the impacts of progesterone in a woman’s body, barring the collapse of the uterus lining, which is anticipated at the beginning of the period. Period delay pills indicate the insulation of the womb lasts until the end of the period.

Is it just a holiday fix?

It is the only alternative to delay periods, not just for women going on holiday. Those who play rival sports appreciate stopping cramps and period-related fatigue for a great race or sport. It can be effective for those who need to be free from period diversion to focus on essential topics like exams, job interviews, or a big presentation at work.

Periods can be inconvenient, but there is no need to let them get in the way. Norethisterone to buy and take it accordingly can safely delay your time for your holiday solely.

Things to know before taking Norethisterone

You should not use Norethisterone if you have allergies or if you have:

  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding, which a doctor has not checked
  • Liver disease or liver tumours
  • Breast cancer
  • Blood diseases
  • A history of blood clots in your brain, eyes, lungs, or legs
  • The problem of blood clotting in your family, including deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • had a pregnancy where you had the disease or an itching rash known as pemphigoid gestationis

However, you should not use Norethisterone if you are pregnant or trying to conceive. If you are pregnant, stop taking medicine and contact your doctor immediately. Also, ask your doctor about using Norethisterone when you are breastfeeding.

Other ways to stop your periods:

The contraceptive pill
Hormonal contraceptives that can stop your periods include:

  • The combined oral pill– can stop your period over a longer period of time but you can get spotting. if you want to guarantee no period bleeding, you’ll need to have a 7-day break every month when you might sometimes have period-like bleeding(spotting).
  • The mini pill– can stop periods over a long period of time, there is also risk of light bleeding
  • The hormonal coil– takes a few months to start working
  • The contraception injection– almost half of women who use the injection will stop periods.
  • The contraceptive implant– a year after the implant, 1/3 of woman will stop their periods

Mini pill

Contraceptive pills

Blood pressure

Heavy period

Primolut N

Period delay pill


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