DesertRaja Review-best or worst?

Life is too short to enjoy and too long to waste your time thinking about the things you can’t change. Seeing how more than a million people having no major ailments just died due to a deadly virus that came out of nowhere tells us a lot about the uncertainty of life. Life is all about enjoying it while you can, because, sooner or later, you’ll need to catch hold of that hospital bed waiting for the angels to take you there.

Life should be adventurous and interesting, Desert safaris are meant to add that spark of thrill and adrenaline rush to your life. Desert Safari is done in the most famous and prominent desert countries of the world like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, Some parts of India. 

Dubai has been the most ideal destination for Desert safari lovers due to the other amenities Dubai has to offer, going and staying in Dubai is extremely cheap and cost-effective. Dubai is a beautiful place to be, it has sights that no one has ever witnessed.

Traveling to Dubai is cheaper, economy flights with round trips just cost $210 most of the time from India, in other countries too, the fare is relatively cheaper.

In this article, we are going to review, one of the most highly rated DesertSafari Companies in Dubai-Desert Raja, but we don’t care about what other people say about it, we are reviewing our first-hand experience here. Let us know what are things you get to enjoy in a desert safari.

What is a Desert Safari?

With desert safaris, you can enjoy the true essence of living in deserts. In Desert Safari, you get to explore the desert with the most comfortable and powerful SUVs, One other famous activity included in desert safari is sand dune bashing, in sand dune bashing, the drivers hit big sand dunes with SUV which is a thrill of next level. In a desert Safari, you get to see camels, belly dances, desert snacks, and refreshments. Desert Safari is a lot more fun than it looks while reading this. It is an experience of a lifetime.

Well, now that you know what is a desert safari and already want to experience it, let us take you to the review of DesertRaja.

DesertRaja review-The most comfortable desert safari in Dubai?

A trip is best enjoyed when every plan falls in place, when you have everything preplanned and sorted, you can enjoy the trip not worrying about what you have to do next. DesertRaja is one way of freeing yourself from the woes of planning a Desert Safari, as once, you place the bookings with them it is all comfortable. Desert Raja offers the cheapest Desert Safari in Dubai is better than most of the other Desert safari companies and the other facilities that are provided are enormous. To use, it felt as smooth as a glider.

Following are the amenities included in DesertRaja’s packages:

  • Pick up from your hotel and a trip to the most incredible dunes in the desert of Dubai in a modern SUV equipped with air conditioners to battle the scorching heat of deserts and enjoy the incredible sight of sand dunes in the most comfortable manner.
  • 30 minutes of thrilling dune bashing and sandboarding with a chance to witness the quenching sight of a desert sunset
  • Tonnes of snacks, drinks, BBQ, sweets along with unlimited food is also included in each package
  • Other thrilling activities such as experiencing the fire dance, belly dance, and a photoshoot
  • An experienced agent to ensure your safety and to guide you along the process

Booking a Desert Safari with DesertRaja is the easiest thing, you just need to visit their website, DesertRaja.com and request a quote.


Life can take you anywhere, you cannot guess what is going to come for you in the very next moment. Life is a gift to enjoy. A desert safari is a way to enjoy the beauty of god’s creation. Book yourself a desert Safari. Now!


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