Designing Your Dream Pool: How to Choose the Best Swimming Pool Shape for Your Yard

When you’re plotting to build a new backyard pool, you’ll need to consider the types of pool shapes. Are you thinking of a traditional rectangle or something more organic? The answer might boil down to understanding how you plan to use your pool. 

Read on to learn how to choose the best swimming pool shape for your yard!

Know Who Will Be Using the Pool

Will your backyard pool be a hotspot for cocktail parties? Or will it be where the kids go to splash around after school? When you’re making decisions about the types of pool shapes, be aware of who will be making waves in your pool.

Adults might not require a lot of space, especially if your pool links to a hot tub. But if you have an army of kids, you might be better off going with a simpler shape that can accommodate a crowd.

Landscaping Can Help Determine Pool Shape

If you just installed a patio or planted some exotic grasses, you’ll want to plan a pool design that complements these features. And if you’re looking for a pool that pairs well with a waterfall or in-pool seating, you might want to choose an organically shaped pool. 

On the other hand, for a modern look, a pool with linear edges works best. You’ll create a clean aesthetic that’s a refreshing treat after a long day at work!

Consider the Size of Your Backyard

Wondering how to choose a pool shape? The size and shape of your backyard might dictate your choice. A small backyard could make a simple kidney shape or rectangle the most logical option. 

L-shaped pools take up more square footage, so they might not be the best pool shapes for smaller spaces. Similarly, circular pools can eat up a lot of space in a tight backyard. 

Go with a Geometric Pool for a Classic Look

When you’re stuck, remember that you can’t go wrong with a classic rectangular pool. These pools always look clean and inviting. Plus they function well as lap pools if you’re hoping your pool can be an exercise space. 

The downside is you won’t get quite as much water circulation with a rectangular pool. But you will get a versatile shape that can anchor any backyard retreat. 

Determine Your Budget

Concrete pools are a pricier choice, but they offer longevity. Going with concrete might force you to scale down your pool size if you’re on a tighter budget. 

Talking with the professionals at https://liquidassetspools.com/ can make the process easier. They’ll work with you to craft the perfect pool using design software that can make your vision come alive. 

Find the Best Option for Your Backyard Pool

Determining a pool shape can take some time and discussion. Since building one is a sizable investment, you want to choose the pool with the most functionality for your needs. Figure out your budget — and remember that you’ll need to invest in other supplies and maintenance including needing screen enclosure repair in Tampa.

For more tips to maintain the ideal living space, check back for new and helpful articles!


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