Desktop vs Mobile: Which One’s Better to Work On

You’re probably feeling that your current device isn’t favorable to your type of work and lifestyle.

Perhaps you find it inconvenient to work on, preventing you to finish your tasks on time. Or maybe your setup is too bulky and you want to downgrade to something more compact and portable

Changing your work setup to either a desktop or a mobile device can help a lot with your work performance. With flagship smartphones today easily rivaling mid-range laptops and desktops, you can easily do your tasks with your handheld device.

If you’re planning on changing your work device then it’s a good idea to choose one that fits your work. Here, we’re going to show you some of the key differences between a desktop computer and a mobile phone.

Processing Power

Although mobile devices are almost up to par with laptops, they’re still slower compared to computer processors. There are several reasons for this but mainly it’s due to the size and battery life.

Flagship desktops can handle any amount of tasks given to them without the chance of overheating. They have built-in cooling systems installed to keep it cooled down when the computer generates too much heat from its processor.

The limitations of current smartphones prevent them from running heavy software as they lack the proper amount of energy needed to run them. There’s also the tendency of your device overheating from using too powerful apps since its processing power can’t handle the software.


Even though laptops are usually lightweight and portable, they become too bulky in comparison to a mobile device.

Mobile devices are designed to be conveniently carried around anywhere with just one hand. Compared to a laptop, you can easily store your smartphone in your purse or even in your pocket. This minimizes the amount you need to carry every time you’re going someplace else to work.

Though when you’re traveling while working, it’s important to keep yourself clean at all times by hand sanitizers.

Internet Connection

Desktops are usually directly connected to your broadband internet through an ethernet cable while laptops are wholly dependent on WiFi. If you’re looking for a device with faster internet speed then a desktop is a good choice since you can get an average of 50 Mpbs worth of internet speed.

Current smartphones can only get around 8 Mbps of internet speed with 4G. Though it’s a big advantage for you if you tend to travel while working as you only need your mobile data to connect to the internet. You can also purchase a portable WiFi router to increase your internet speed when the signal’s too low in your area.

Although with the introduction of 5G, the next smartphones are able to reach the same download speed as your average broadband internet user.

Screen Size

Desktop computers have comparably bigger screens compared to mobile devices. You can also choose the size of your monitor to whatever fits your needs.

An average handheld device has a screen size of 5 inches while a desktop screen which has an average screen size of 28 inches. They also have fewer pixels compared to your current flagship desktops.

Since mobile devices have smaller screens, this limits the amount of information that you can see on the screen. Though you can still zoom in on the text or change to a bigger font setting making it easily readable.

Storage Space

Storage is necessary for your work as you need to have a good amount of memory for your device. If you tend to have files that can go to up to 1 TB then you need to have a device that can sufficiently store them.

Desktop computers usually have more than 1TB of storage that’s built-in. You can also have the option of adding another hard drive to your desktop to increase your storage space. It’s an easy task and you can learn DIY methods so you can just modify your pc by yourself.

Most mobile devices have built-in storage space that can go from 8 GB to 126 GB. Android phones also have an external SD card slot available for you to add storage space for your phone.


Running multiple apps at once is necessary as you need to use a number of apps at the same time when working.

Mobile devices are able to multitask but there’s a limit to the number of apps that they’re able to handle. Your device may even start to lag and automatically turn off several apps just to keep it properly running.

Desktops have multitasking capabilities that allow you to run numerous heavy apps all at once. High-end desktop computers can run smoothly no matter how many apps you open at the same time.

Data Entry

Compared to a mobile device, data entry is easier with a desktop since you type everything with a keyboard.

Smartphones and tablets only have their on-screen touch keyboard which can be tricky to use. It’s especially difficult if you have a smaller screen since the keys get smaller, making them difficult to accurately press.

You can also import phone accessories from China to assist you with your data entry such as an aftermarket keyboard and mouse.


Choosing between these two devices can be tricky. Most people tend to have both a desktop and a mobile device at the same time.

Having both gadgets at the same time allows you to multitask, increasing your efficiency at work. You can do the complicated tasks on your laptop while you let your phone do the simple ones such as calls, texts, and internet browsing.

But if you only want to have one work device then you can try using a hybrid computer. It’s as portable as a mobile device while still able to run like a normal desktop computer.


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