Diamond Stud Earrings: A Guide to Buying the Best Diamond Studs

Diamond jewellery can be an investment, which is why people often start out with smaller pieces. And one of the styles that are the most commonly bought to start the diamond collection of many people is diamond stud earrings. Stud earrings have been popular since ancient Egyptian times, and diamond studs have been in vogue since the end of the 19th century. These timeless pieces of gorgeous jewellery are perfect for adding elegance to any ensemble. Simple and understated, diamond stud earrings are invaluable for every jewellery collection.

Here are some key points about diamond shape & quality, metal choice, and setting styles to know before purchasing diamond stud earrings.


Diamond shape

There are many shapes to choose from when choosing the diamond for diamond stud earrings. The shape of the diamond defines the overall style of the diamond stud earrings. The princess and round cuts are the most popular shapes chosen for diamond stud earrings. High sparkle and scintillating edges make the princess cut diamonds popular and contemporary. Round cut diamonds exude a classier and traditional appeal with their high brilliance. Other options of diamond cuts are emerald cut, Asscher cut, oval shape, and cushion-cut diamonds. Unique diamond shapes such as pear, heart, and marquise cut are also becoming popular.

The Quality of Diamond

To identify quality diamonds, the 4 Cs of diamonds are to be understood. The 4 Cs are – colour, clarity, cut, and carat.

  1. Color

Diamond colour refers to the colourless measurement of a white diamond. It is graded on a D to Z scale, where D means it is colourless and Z refers to the noticeably yellow diamond.

  1. Clarity

Clarity measures external (blemishes) or internal (inclusions) flaws in a diamond. The diamond with more flaws will be ranked lower on the clarity scale, and the diamond with fewer flaws will be high on the clarity scale.

  1. Cut

Diamond cut is different from diamond shape. It is the measurement of how well the diamond was cut. A well-cut diamond will capture and emit the maximum light, exuding a beautiful brilliance. A poorly cut diamond looks dull and dim.

  1. Carat

Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. It tells you how large the diamond is.


Metal choice

Diamond stud earrings can be crafted in any precious metal, depending on the personal choice. Platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold look good in diamond studs. Yellow gold earrings look more traditional and classic. Rose gold diamond studs have a romantic and vintage look. Platinum and white gold studs look sophisticated.


Setting Styles

Diamond stud earrings come in different setting styles. The different setting styles with their advantages are:

  1. Prong Settings

In a prong setting, slim metal prongs hold the diamond in place and help the maximum light enter the diamond, maximizing its brilliance.

  1. Bezel Settings

The diamond is held in place with a metal ring in the bezel setting. The metal ring snugly surrounds the diamond and offers maximum protection from drops or bumps.

  1. Halo Settings

In a halo setting, one or more rings of smaller diamonds surround the main diamond. The visual impact and brilliance of the earrings are enhanced due to these smaller accent diamonds.

Diamond stud earrings are timeless pieces of jewellery that forever stay in vogue. They are perfect for enhancing the look of any outfit, from casual attire to party wear. Before purchasing your diamond studs, follow the tips above to get the best quality diamonds and choose the best diamond studs for yourself.


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