Diamonds vs Moissanites – The Truth and the Lies

A recent debate on the difference between diamonds and moissanites has resulted in the formation of two new gemstones – diamonds and moissanites. The distinction between diamonds and moissanites is important because they both have the same refractive index, and as such are a popular choice for engagement rings. However, diamonds are the most expensive gemstone, so moissanites are a much cheaper alternative.

Less expensive

Moissanites are less expensive than diamonds, but they can appraise for double or triple the purchase price. They are better for insurance purposes and for resale, but moissanites don’t look as beautiful as diamonds. That said, some jewellers aren’t being totally honest. In fact, they may even tell you that moissanites are less durable and look inferior to diamonds.

Moissanite is less expensive than diamonds. Because it’s made of silicon carbide, it’s more affordable to make a moissanite engagement ring Australia. But the downside is that moissanites are often cheaper than diamonds. You can’t buy one that has imperfections. You’ll also find that most natural diamonds contain flaws.

There are many benefits to choosing moissanite over diamonds. It’s the second strongest gemstone on earth and will last for years, which means that it’s a good alternative to a diamond. It’s also less expensive than a cz, and the truth is that diamonds are more durable and have heirloom appeal. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose the best stone for your budget.

Reflect its cut

When buying a moissanite ring, you should consider its cut. It’s usually not completely white. It can have some tints or even imperfections. This makes it less desirable than a diamond, but it’s still much cheaper than the latter. A moissanite ring can be made in a variety of metals, such as platinum and titanium.


Despite their differences, both diamonds and moissanites are beautiful, but there are some differences between the two gemstones. The former is more expensive, while the latter has a higher refractive index. While diamonds are more expensive, moissanite’s color is more vivid and can make the wearer appear younger. The clarity of a diamond is the most important characteristic, and the clarity is the most important factor in choosing a gemstone.

There are many misconceptions about the difference between diamonds and moissanites. The biggest misconception is that both are beautiful and can pass for a diamond. But in reality, a properly cut moissanite is much more difficult to discern. This is a very common misnomer. The two stones can be mistaken for each other in a range of ways.

The most important difference between diamonds and moissanites is their brilliance. While a diamond is considered to be the most precious gem, a moissanite is the most valuable. The sparkle that a diamond has is a reflection of its light. The reflected light is called brilliance. In other words, the sparkle of a moissanite is more brilliant than a diamond.

Difference in price

Although the two gemstones are similar in appearance, the differences are vast when it comes to price. A moissanite is about four times cheaper than a diamond. The price of a moissanite is based on its carat size. For example, a 3 carat mined diamond costs over $25k, while a comparable GIA-certified stone would cost under $3k.

In Conclusion:

While diamonds are considered the best gemstone, moissanite is a cheaper and more common alternative. While a moissanite is considered to be a rare gem, its price is significantly lower than that of a diamond. As such, it is not a good idea to buy a diamond ring if you can’t afford it.


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