Difference between escorting and prostitution?

The definition of prostitution in Kentucky is unclear for escort services. Escorts are often mistaken for prostitutes due to this misunderstanding. However, the two terms cannot be used interchangeably.

The provision of accompanying services is not illegal and cannot lead to prosecution. Sexual favors in Escort Livorno services lead to a problem. In this case, prostitutes would be committing a crime.


Kentucky considers prostitution a sex crime. An individual can be charged with prostitution if they offer, agree, or engage in sexual conduct for monetary gain. The term sexual conduct refers to any act of sexual gratification that involves sex organs.

As the name suggests, prostitutes provide sexual services for a fee. Prostitution can also be charged against a customer (the person who pays for the sexual activity). Profiting from a sex crime transaction can also result in a criminal charge.

Class B misdemeanors such as prostitution are punishable by fines and/or jail time. Additionally, prostitution offenders are screened for HIV.

Escorts, on the other hand, do not provide sexual services. Attending events, providing social company, and caring for family members are just some examples of services offered by an agency.  


A prostitution charge can be defended in several different ways.


Prostitution is often wrongly associated with and charged against prostitutes. When an escort accompanies a person to an event or social engagement, it is presumed that they are providing sexual favors.

Unless you intended to engage in sexual activity, prostitution is not legally a crime. When you contact an escort and they then offer sexual activities, it is possible to prove you thought you were contacting an escort for a non-sexual purpose.


Prostitution rings are often shut down by law enforcement agencies by conducting “sting operations”. It’s possible for an undercover police officer to pose as a prostitute or customer. Undercover officers may coerce a person into performing illegal activities for the purpose of making arrests.

The act of encouraging someone to commit a crime by a police officer is, however, illegal. Surgical stings should be conducted under a strict set of guidelines so that they can be defended in court. In court, you might lose a prostitution case if you were entrapped.


To be found guilty, the court must find enough evidence to prove that you ran afoul of the law. Oftentimes, police arrest people without any evidence that a crime has been committed. A confession or other evidence may be obtained during questioning.

Whenever you are arrested, you should remain silent. You must prove your guilt of prostitution to the prosecution. You should not provide the prosecution with evidence against yourself.


If you have been accused of prostitution, a sex crimes attorney can help you. While a prostitution charge may be classified as a misdemeanor, a criminal record it leaves behind could have serious ramifications in the future.

Prostitution arrestees should remain calm. There is no such thing as an arrest that produces a conviction.

When you have been arrested, resist the urge to explain what happened or attempt to argue your release. The police do not need any more evidence from you. Anything you say in court can be used against you by the prosecution.

Except for providing your name and address, you may exercise your right to remain silent. Don’t answer questions without the presence of an attorney, please.

Let the officer know you wish to speak with a criminal defense lawyer or have a court-appointed attorney represent you. A request for an attorney is different from a request for a lawyer. A lawyer will be consulted before you answer any questions or make any statements.

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