Difference Between HD TVs And HDR TVs

The terms HD and HDR are likely familiar to anyone who has purchased a television, played a video game, streamed a series or watched a DVD in the recent past. Although you presumably already know that these things outperform the previous SD quality standard, your knowledge of HD and HDR may end there.

Luckily for you, there is a brief and precise method to describe how they differ. Let’s take a look at the difference between HD TVs and HDR TVs.


HD TVs have the purpose of improving quality while HDR TVs have the purpose of improving hues. Despite having similar names, these two tasks clearly serve completely different purposes.

HDR works to enhance the colours of those features over non-HDR displays, whereas HD works to increase the on-screen detail over SD. HDR refers to the range of colours present within those pixels, whereas high definition refers to the quantity of pixels that make up the television show.


The distinction between HD TVs and HDR TVs should also be made based on significance. Which one – the first or the second – really means more? In terms of priority, HD is superior to HDR.

This is so because HD TVs are concerned with the quantity of pixels, whereas HDR TVs are concerned with their hue. More pixels are required than more vibrant ones, so having more pixels is more important. You would still be viewing a standard definition television that didn’t appear to be as high quality as an HD TV without HDR pixels if you had an SD-quality television with HDR pixels.


Without HD, HDR would not be possible. Before the world’s display technologies changed from analogue to digital, HD first appeared as an electrical scanning format in the late 1930s. From that moment on, HD and SD were once again used to describe the amount of pixels on a television screen.

HDR, on the other hand, did not appear until 2014 with the development of Dolby Vision, a ground-breaking new technology used to improve how HD displays are considered to be.

We hope this article has clarified the key differences between HD TVs and HDR TVs, and that you have found it both insightful and enjoyable.


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