Difference Between Personal Injury and Bodily Injury?






  • A personal injury can be defined as any kind of physical or mental damage sustained by a person. Bodily injury refers to any kind of physical harm that is caused by an accident. You can sustain injuries from being hit by a negligent driver, falling on uneven ground, falling in the tub, and hitting your head or while playing sports.
  • Personal injury is any kind of damage that a person (the plaintiff) suffers as a result of another person’s negligence. Bodily injury is any type of injury that occurs as a result of an accident. While personal injury can be very serious and require surgery, bodily injury is usually a less severe injury or damage.
  • Injuries can come in many forms, including being hit by a negligent driver, falling on uneven pavement, hitting your head in the tub, and getting hurt while playing sports. Some injuries are more serious than others. Personal injury refers to damage or injuries that can require surgery.
  • Some personal injury claims can be made for wrongful death. However, they may also include pain and suffering or medical bills. Bodily injury claims are for medical expenses and lost income, as well as property damage. Both of these types can be pursued under the law and could result in a settlement by the lawyer.
  • Personal injury: Refers to any harm that an individual suffers from the negligence of another person. Personal injury is not limited to injuries that require medical attention. It also covers disfigurement or scarring. Personal injury damages generally include medical expenses, lost earnings and pain, and suffering, mental anguish as well as loss of spousal relations.
  • Bodily injury refers to an individual’s mental or physical harm caused by negligence or accident. Bodily injuries are usually visible to the naked eye and can be medically diagnosed. Broken bones, lacerations, or psychological damage may result from an accident. Compensation for bodily injuries can include medical expenses, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.
  • Bodily Injury and Personal Injury are two terms that describe the effects of an individual’s actions on another person, whether they be physically or emotionally. Bodily Harm can result from injury to the body, but Personal Injury can also be caused by bodily harm. Both terms can be distinguished by several factors, such as price, time, and legal representation provided by an injury Lawyer in New Delhi.
  • Personal injuries are those that cause you to be ill or have a negative impact on your mental or physical health. Bodily injury, however, is more about your physical condition. While the bodily injury is usually visible, personal injuries are not always as obvious. Personal injuries may include disfigurement or scarring, while bodily injury can refer to medical expenses as well as pain and suffering.
  • Personal injury is any mental or physical problem caused by the negligence of another party. This may require medical treatment. This could include disfigurement, scarring, or physical damage that requires surgery. Bodily injury refers to any kind of harm caused by an accident. It includes medical expenses, lost income due to missed work, and property damage, if applicable.
  • A tort or breach of contract can cause personal injury. Personal injuries include mental anguish and loss of companionship. Bodily injury is, however, the result of an accident causing bodily harm.
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