Difference between Translation and Transcreation

The translation is a buzzword used in the globalized world to mitigate communication barriers. Also, there is another closely related term which is transcreation. To deal with people that speak different languages, we often go for document translation services. Here the question is whether you should go for translation or transcreation for your documents. Before making any decision, you should know about the difference between the two.

The translation is about altering the words from one language to another. On the other hand, transcreation is about creating the same message in a new language. Transcreation has stepped ahead of translators. It helps the translators to resonate the content with the target audience while keeping cultural nuances in view. Let’s have a look at the difference between translation and transcreation.

Creative Part of Translation and Transcreation in Marketing Content

In the translation process, you come across many translators that are competent in marketing translation. It is a combination of localization and translation. Although you can translate the content from one language to another without considering the creative side of the content. But the tone, intent, and message may get lost during the process. Cultural traits, references, slang, and idioms are included in the translation of marketing content. For keeping the tone and intended message intact, you need transcreation services.

Transcreation is also called international adaptation or creative translation. It is a step ahead of marketing translation. Apart from translating the content, transcreation also considers the translation of advertising content. It recreates the marketing content according to the culture.

Area of Work

In the translation process of marketing content, the graphics and visuals are not covered. It helps in the translation of content only that resonates with the target market.

On the other hand, transcreation works with the graphic part of the content such as design and artwork from the perspective of marketing. The work of transcreation is more comprehensive in marketing content such as marketing campaigns than translation. For example, in the development of the website landing page for a new target market, a document translation services will only help to translate the main content. On the contrary,  transcreation will make images, colors, designs, puns culturally resonate with the target audience.

Effect of the Message

For the translation of marketing content, the translator should translate the content in such a way that people can understand it easily. Although word to word translation is not recommended to get your message across. Therefore, translators must translate the text to make the intended message understandable.

In the transcreation services, the transcreation will change the message in such a way that it sounds natural to the target audience. Moreover, it evokes the same reactions and emotions in the people as it creates in the original message, just by understudying the words and their meaning.

The Skillset of Translators and Transcreators

There is a difference between translating the marketing content and the ordinary content. No doubt, the scope of the transcreation is more than interpreting. Therefore, it requires a skill set that involves creativity.

For providing impeccable transcreation services, the transcreator should possess great linguistic skills with the know-how of marketing. Moreover, they should have a skillset of marketers, copywriters, and translators.

Transcreation is like Copywriter

With the help of transcreation services, you can keep the voice of your brand alive. The attention span of the human brain is  8 seconds. Transcreation helps to gain the client’s attention. It makes the readers and browsers get immersed in the content. In this way, they can make rational buying decisions.

Transcreation services are designed for a specific audience. In the case of humor, idioms, and concepts, they make sure that the transcreated content conveys the correct message as it conveys in the original message.

In the translation services, the translator makes an effort to convey the same message in another language. Moreover, it does not support word-to-word translation but it sticks to the original message.

Wrapping Up

If you want to translate business documents then you go for translation services but if you want to sell your products and services to foreign markets then you require extensive marketing campaigns. These campaigns include creating a tagline, CTA, and creation of such marketing materials that evoke the same emotions in the potential customers’ language as it evokes in the original language. Are you ready to take leverage from translation and transcreation services? A reliable language service provider can provide you with affluent transcreation services, through which you can convert browsers to consumers and enhance your sales and revenues.


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