Different Styles of Planter Boxes For An Appealing Garden

We all want to make our gardens look beautiful and more appealing because the fresh air and the natural beauty that it can give us are totally priceless. It is usually our resting area, outdoor dining space at home, or the place where we entertain our guests. Today, gardening can be more fashionable with the different modern commercial planters available in the Sigma Planters:

Top 5 Trending Planter Boxes For An Eye Catching Garden

Unique Planters

Have you seen a “cat planter” or a “bicycle planter”? These are some unique forms or designs of modern planters. They look like figurines or ornaments but they can actually be planted with charming plants and flowers.

Trellis with Commercial Planters

We can now save space when planting vines with vertical gardening. We can make use of trellises with commercial planters to grow vines while adding style to our garden. Some trellises have special designs that makes it look like an accessory rather than a support for growing vines. Whether you have small or large planters, trellises would definitely look good on them. These large trellises can even act as privacy screens in your garden.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets can be a beautiful adornment in our garden. Place a cascading flower arrangement in it and their beauty will definitely float from above. You can use outdoor artificial vines to save yourself from the trouble of reaching it every time you water the plant or maintain them. Its eye catching and looking amazing.

Wall planters

Planter boxes are not only hung on the porch or placed on the ground. They can also be attached or hung from the walls that can add curb appeal to your home’s exterior walls. Wall planters can also stand alone which will be a fascinating design to your garden. Its’ look amazing to visitors and easy to care.

Custom Planters

If you can’t find commercial planters that do not match your garden’s theme, you can make your own custom planters or order them from the manufacturers. They can specially create your desired type of planter boxes for you.

Designing your garden can really be fun and enjoyable. Finding the right plants and flowers that would match your stylish contemporary planters is not a hard thing to do. Just be more creative in mixing and matching your plants with their planter boxes. You could also use some garden accessories to complement your whole garden design such as fountains, jars, or birdbaths. So start searching for distinct modern planters now and enjoy designing your garden.


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