Dining table with your own hands: material, size, tabletop, and style of the dining table Step-by-step instructions for making a dining table.

Solid wood dining table

Solid wood dining table This is, as they say, “classic.” Natural wood is the most widely used material for making furniture, including kitchen furniture. It is a friendly and environmentally friendly material. For kitchen tables, solid wood is best suited: oak, ash, acacia. However, in the absence of such, you can use pine species. But the furniture made from them will not last long, as the pine stone does not differ in strength.

Any product made of natural wood requires regular care and restoration. In addition, the tree does not like changes in humidity and temperature – under the influence of products can crack and deform.

Glass. The main problem, in this case, is the complexity of processing the material. In addition, not every glass can be used in the manufacture of furniture. For this reason, only thick and thick glass is suitable. It is impossible to process such material in such conditions; therefore, it is necessary to purchase a tabletop made of glass.

Do not forget about the sheet materials used in the manufacture of furniture – chipboard and MDF. They are inexpensive. But the furniture made from them looks very ordinary and relatively short.

Dining table: the right size, valuable tips

The size of the kitchen furniture, including the table, depends on the kitchen area and the place in which the table will be located. It is believed that a person will feel more or less comfortable in his zone will be at least 70 cm, and 35-40 cm in radius will not be everyone. Therefore, a kitchen table measuring 90×90 cm or 100×100 cm is ideal for a family of four. Of course, such a table should not stand against the wall, so everyone sits next to him.

If the kitchen is small and you cannot set the table in the middle, then, in this case, the optimal dimensions will be 120×75 cm or 120×80 cm. For this table, two people will sit on one long and two short.

When the size of the kitchen allows, it is also possible to install a large dining table, the length of which can exceed 160 cm. The size of such a table usually makes 160×90 cm or 180×90 cm free space along its long sides. Tables are enough not only but for the free placement of the whole family but also many guests.

But what about tenants with small kitchens? For such places, small sliding tables and transformer tables are perfect. Sliding tables have one or more inserts, which increase the countertop’s surface by 40-50 cm minimum. The plug-ins are located inside the table or hidden in particular niches. The folding table can be folded 3 meters long. This is quite enough to accommodate all the guests that will fit in the apartment. When folded, this table takes no more than 120-180 cm.

As for the height of the rustic dining table, the optimal size is 70 cm. This figure is not mandatory and may vary depending on the growth of family members to a greater or lesser extent.

When calculating the size of the future dining table, you need to focus on the space allocated. After everyone sits down at the table, there should be enough free space around him for unrestricted movement so as not to cause inconvenience.

Dining table style

Round kitchen dining tables are an option, as they say, for amateurs. The main problem is that round tables, oddly enough, require more space than squares or rectangles. It cannot be installed in the corner and slides to the wall. Round tables are ideal for dining rooms or large, spacious kitchens that can be placed in the center of the room. For a small kitchen, it does not fit.

If you decide to make a round kitchen table, you can experiment with a bit of support. For example, to make the legs bigger or several thinner supports. Usually, a round table for better stability is completed with four legs located at 10-15 cm from the edge of the countertop.

Oval kitchen tables can be of different sizes, from small tables for minor children for small kitchens to large products in the center of the room. Usually, the oval shape is large and medium in size, as it fits in an ordinary city apartment and can accommodate many guests.

Such sliding dining tables, in which you can choose many seats, can be placed in a separate category. Their shape can vary round, oval, square, rectangular, etc. Rectangular and oval shapes are the most popular. In its terms, the manufacture of a rectangular table is a little easier than an oval, as it is not necessary to round the corners of the countertop.


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