Display banner printing: The inside scoop and outside scoop

Banners are a great marketing tool that will help you get noticed and sell your products.

Banners are frequently seen outside and indoors at events. They can be very small or large enough for an entire building.

Indoor Banners vs. Outdoor Banners

Banners are distinguished by their usage and the material they are printed with.

Exterior Banners:

  • Light pole banners — An attractive banner option used often by municipalities and event promotors wherever light poles may be available.
  • Outdoor hanging banners– These can be hung along the sides of buildings, or other structures.
  • Fence banners
  • Sports banners
  • Sandwich boards on two sides

Most banners are indoor- or outdoor-friendly.

  • Display banners may be used as part or all of a display.
  • Table banners
  • Drape banners
  • Background banners that include step-and repeat banners. These banners are frequently seen at fashion shows as well as celebrity runways.
  • Aisle markers
  • Hall banners
  • Podium signs

How do you choose the best banner material for your job?

Vinyl banners Austin TX is the most used banner material. Vinyl is both durable enough not to corrode and light enough so that it can be hung indoors. This material can be used with banner printing to ensure that your banner lasts for many years.

Display banner printing uses high-quality scrim vinyl of 13 oz. To make hanging easy, you can heat-weld hems or place grommets at every several feet around banner perimeter. There are many finishing options available for display banner printing services, including pole pockets, reinforced edges and reinforced hems.

Banners can be full-color and include text, background images and photos, as well as clipart. Or they can be one-color text only (the lowest-cost banner option).

Another option is to use biodegradable, white matte vinyl. The added benefit of compostability in landfills makes it eco-friendly. If you plan to use your banner outside for a while, it is best not to use biodegradable. While the process may take three to five year, biodegradable material will eventually be degraded.

No-Curl Vinyl Banners

No-curl banner printing with vinyl displays uses heavier 14-oz vinyl printed in full color. This material is suitable for high-end banner stands and displays.

Mesh Banners

The mesh material for mesh banners is made from polyester fibers. Because the fabric is crisscrossed, air can flow through it. It’s less wind-resistant than other materials and therefore more suitable for outdoor use in windy regions. They are slightly opaque, but once printed they look great. Vinyl banners tend to be less susceptible to being ripped or blown out of their intended shape.

Mesh Banners have a wide range of uses, including as advertising banners or at sporting fields. Sometimes they are hung at the sides of buildings so that some light can pass through, which allows for those inside to see the outside. They are often printed in full-color on 10oz scrimvin and are a great alternative for cutting wind slits into solid vinyl banners.

Canvas Banners

Canvas banners make a great choice for those who require high quality banners with sharp details and vibrant colors. Although they look heavier, they will not withstand the elements well and are better for indoor usage. You can finish your canvas banner printing with sewn seams, grommets or pole pockets.


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