Divorce Without Court – What Are Your Options?

Divorce is sometimes a nasty and lengthy procedure, especially when you and your partners have a lot of disputes. When someone hears “divorce,” people think about the courtroom dramas. However, the process can be simplified if you and your spouse mutually agree on the separation. 

Although there are times when you and your partner may not agree upon various aspects such as distribution of assets, child custody, alimony, and more, in such a case, you can contact a family law and divorce lawyer in Huntsville to help simplify the process. 

Uncontested Divorce: 

Uncontested or no-fault divorce is usually when you and your partner agree upon all the terms. An uncontested divorce is a simplified process and eliminates the need to go to the courtroom. There are instances that you and your spouse may have resolved all the major issues, but various minor issues can be resolved through mediators and attorneys. 

Remember, just because uncontested divorces are a shorter process does not mean the paperwork hassle is less. Having a lawyer can be beneficial as he will take care of all the legalities and ensure your divorce process is straightforward. Additionally, if your partner agrees to the process, the lawyer can bring the agreement to the court on your behalf, meaning you do not need to go to the courtroom. 

Essential things to remember: 

Before you file for a divorce, it is vital to know what type of divorce you have. Resolving minor disputes can be beneficial when you file for your divorce. Furthermore, the court needs to know about the division plan between you and your partner, or else the divorce could be contested. 

Before filing for an uncontested divorce, ensure that you discuss these things with your partner: 

  • Child support or alimony. 
  • How you are going to distribute financial assets, including your properties. 
  • Child custody. 

Contacting an attorney: 

Even though uncontested divorce is a straightforward option, having an attorney can be beneficial in several ways. Your attorney can examine the entire case and help solve any issues (if any) between you and your partner. The lawyer will make sure that there are no disputes and the divorce is hassle-free. 

Moreover, a lawyer can help in presenting your case to the courtroom, eliminating your presence. You can search for the best divorce lawyer in your area and let them give you legal advice.