Do most people in Doha live in apartments or villas?

Qatar is a place that has shown exponential growth in the last two decades. The increase in expatriate population has seen exponential growth in the global economy along with the worldwide attention that Qatar gets in recent times. This growth is providing more opportunities for real estate agents in Doha who need to find the perfect residence for their clients. With many villas and apartments for rent in Qatar, expats find it easier to get hold of a property for their short term stay in the city. 


The capital city of Qatar is an ideal place for ex-pats to find new employment opportunities. The majority of the state’s population can be found in and around Doha for the striking architecture, high-tech automobiles, fast food chains, and more! With the friendly locals and pleasant neighborhoods, Doha is a welcoming region for ex-pats. Even though the cost of living in Doha is higher than in other parts of Qatar, people prefer moving into Doha to enjoy the best Qatari life. Doha is home to a variety of residences that are convenient and appealing. Most ex-pats fancy renting out as it is more affordable than investing in a property in Qatar. Letting homes is a popular method in Qatar and a pocket-friendly option for ex-pats who are in for a fixed duration of stay in Doha.


With many villas for rent in Qatar, people can find many residential options, although it is a long and tiresome process. Detached homes, seaside villas, modern flats and apartments are some of the popular options available in Doha. Detached properties have wide-open spaces, gardens and backyards that are picked by most families with children. Besides this, there are compound residential areas where families get to mingle with their neighbours and learn more about each other. People who can afford will opt for residential properties that are luxurious, visually appealing and comfortable in all aspects. 


Apartment life in Qatar is the most convenient and preferred way for people. They are built in a way where all the necessary amenities like schools, groceries, restaurants, and more. Single residents opt for apartments as they are affordable and easy to maintain, unlike bigger homes in the neighbourhood. They are available with different types of furnishings, making it easier to choose according to the budget standards of the person. Studio apartments are compact and appeal to the new crowd entering Doha. Apart from balconies, it is challenging to acquire open spaces in apartments, a significant aspect to compromise in a beautiful region like Qatar.


Qatar is an ideal place to enjoy the best of luxury when the resident has got deeper pockets. The cost of living in a villa is relatively higher than other property types as it comes with gardens where families with children can enjoy the beauty of open spaces. Villas come in different types, and people can carefully pick one according to their lifestyle, budget and requirements. Not everybody can afford a villa in Qatar while managing the monthly expenses on the other hand. Owning a private swimming pool and an airy backyard is one of the perks of living in a villa in Doha. With many facilities comes many complications along with it. Maintaining huge gardens at all times requires more manual labour, which is difficult to do regularly. 


Free standing and detached properties have more generous price tags compared to modern flats. Most expats moving into Doha live alone, and they prefer renting an apartment more than living in a villa. Apartments in Qatar, especially Doha, have affordable rents and low scope of maintenance compared to independent villas. According to a recent survey, apartments are in high demand, and people flooding into Doha make that as their first preference. While villas are rented or purchased by families who can manage to pay for their rents and monthly expenses like groceries, utilities, etc. The best life in Doha can be lived in spacious villas. Apartment life is no less than an adventure where the residents can enjoy the perks of living close to all necessary amenities and within the city limits.


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