Do you have low survey response rates? Avoid these 5 rookie mistakes






If you are new in a certain industry, you are a new business owner, or you simply are new at connecting with your target market, then there are a few things that you need to learn. If you have not been very engaging with your customers in the past, this can lead to a lack of interest between you and your target market – any dissatisfaction, disinterest, and apathy that you have towards your customer will be reciprocated. In this case you will not be able to learn more about your target market, your customers may choose another business to use, and you may not succeed as a business.

Learn more about your clientele and your target market by conducting research methods that make your clients feel heard, appreciated, and respected. One of the best ways that you can gain valuable insights into your market is to conduct surveys. Surveys are a fast, effective, and cost-effective way that you can learn valuable insights into your target market’s thoughts, actions, and interests. Let’s see a few mistakes that I should avoid when conducting surveys for the first time.

Avoid these mistakes to achieve high survey response rates.

Long-winded question

One of the main mistakes that you can make that can lead to low survey response rates is asking complicated and long-winded questions. Avoid multi-part questions that take a long time to answer – if so, you find that most people drop out of the survey before they complete all of the questions. If so, all of your hard work has gone to waste.

Not asking the right questions

The next mistake to avoid that can lead to low survey response rates is not asking the right questions. After all, you want to find out more about your target market, what they like about your business, what they want to change, and what is working in the business model. If you ask the wrong questions that are not focused on your specific goal, this can lead to obsolete answers that do not matter.

Focusing on the wrong people

If you send your survey to people who are not interested in your company, too big of a population, or people that you know have already stopped using your business, the answer you get may not be correct – or you may get enough answers to make changes to your business model. If you ask the wrong people the wrong questions, then you will not gain any valuable insights into your current target market. Asking too big of a population can lead to you asking people who are interested in your business – in this case you are simply wasting your time and resources.

Obsolete method

The next mistake to avoid that can lead to low survey response rates is using obsolete marketing methods to conduct your surveys. Avoid sending the survey using magazines or newspapers – use new methods like email, texting, or digital messages.

Not using your responses

The last mistake to avoid is not using your response to change your business. If customers take the time to fill out the survey, but you do not make any changes in the business, they may feel like you are not listening to them. This can lead to low survey response rates and lost customers.


To boost customer survey response rates, make sure you conduct a foolproof survey that asks the right questions, targets the right customers, and focuses on what you can do better in the business to increase customer saturation.

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