Do You Know These 5 Facts About the Midwest?

The Midwest has earned the nicknames of “America’s Heartland,” “The Corn, Wheat, and Dairy Belt,” “Tornado Alley,” and much more. But, aside from these terms of endearment and the reasons for their usage, what else do you know about the Midwest region?

Keep reading to learn more fascinating facts about the Midwest!  

Chicago is One of the Largest Cities in the Nation

Chicago has many claims to fame. Along with being the largest city in the Midwest and third in the United States, it is home to the first modern skyscraper. The architecture does not disappoint.

Chicago is also a popular destination for those traveling to the Midwest, even for locals. If you are looking to relocate within the Midwest (perhaps to see all the excitement about the Windy City), learn how to sell your home quickly.

It’s Not Called the Nation’s Breadbasket for No Reason

States in the Midwest are the largest suppliers of wheat, corn, and soybeans in America. Kansas is number one, producing well over 300 million bushels of wheat on average each year. Wheatfields cover 7 million acres of farmland and are responsible for almost 20% of our supply.

Next in line is North Dakota, which produces just about 50 percent of the country’s supply of hard red spring wheat production and two-thirds of our durum wheat crops.

The Midwest Living is Affordable

In fact, according to data from the National Low Income Housing Coalition in 2019, the Midwest region is very economical. Their report looked at each state’s average price for housing, mortgage rates, and household income. In addition, U.S. News ranked the top ten states by affordability, and seven of them stood out.

Midwest states South Dakota, Michigan, North Dakota, Nebraska, Indiana, Ohio, and Iowa made its shortlist of states with the most affordable housing and cost of living.

The Land of 10,000 Lakes

Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” The name was granted by writers in the 20s to bring travelers to the area with the promise of “delicious fish.” It became an official description or slogan of the state soon after.  

However, the state does not actually have ten thousand lakes; it has 11,842, depending on who you ask. Lakes are scientifically classified in specific ways, so only certain bodies of water in Minnesota can be called lakes. Some criteria insist they must be at least 20,000 square meters, or 5 acres or 80,000 square meters, which is 20 acres.

Regardless of how one judges what is and what is not a lake, the beauty can’t be overstated.

Some of Your Favorite Celebrities Are from the Midwest

Award-winning and highly acclaimed actors Betty White, Robin Williams, Harrison Ford, Bill Murray, and Gillian Anderson hail from Illinois.

The man who defined the Western genre in films and TV, John Wayne, was born in Winterset, Iowa. Some even believe that John Wayne symbolized the Midwest and the American frontier.

Did You Know Any of These Five Fun Facts About the Midwest?

How many of these facts about the Midwest did you already know? Between all 12 states in the region, there is a lot to learn.

If you found this article of facts fun, take a look at the rest of our blog for more!


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