Do You Know Which States Allow Golf Carts to Run on The Road?

Generally, you must have seen golf carts being used for cruising any golf courses or for carrying golf clubs. However, have you seen them running on the road like any other vehicle? Do you think it will be quite normal to run on the road?

Before deciding to place your golf cart immediately on the road, you must first investigate and determine whether they are street legal golf carts. Golf carts are prohibited on public highways in some areas in the United States because they should only be used on golf courses.

Although certain jurisdictions in the United States allow golf cart drivers to operate on public streets, they must nevertheless follow certain laws and restrictions.

In the following states, golf carts are not permitted to be driven on public roadways.

  • Rhode Island
  • Missouri
  • Maryland
  • Hawaii
  • Delaware

New York goes a step farther by stating that driving any golf cart on public roadways, sidewalks, or parking lots can result in arrest.

As per Motor and Wheels, all other states allow golf carts to be driven on public roadways, but there are regulations that differ by state. Some regulations prohibit golf carts, while others refer to them as “low-speed vehicles.”

The carts must also be lawful and comply with all state, municipal, and federal regulations. They must have a vehicle identifying number, horn, lighted license plate, and speedometer on a federal level.

Brake lights, headlights, and turn signals must all function properly. They should also feature U.S. Department of Transportation-approved interior/exterior-mounted mirrors, as well as seat belts, tires, and windshield wipers.

They must also be able to drive at least 20 mph on road, but not more than 25 mph. The concept behind such speed is that any vehicle must be able to go at a pace that does not obstruct normal traffic. However, if it has to go more quickly, more safety restrictions would be required.

The following are the few things and procedures that every driver must do while making their street legal golf carts.

  1. Verify the local and state laws
  2. Include proper lighting and accessories
  3. Include appropriate mirror sets
  4. Provide golf cart with any slow-moving automobile sign or low-speed vehicle mark
  5. Install seat belts
  6. Install a protective windshield
  7. Put a speedometer in your golf cart
  8. Buy insurance from any well-trusted insurance company

According to what you have heard from the talks, each state has different policies and rules when it comes to driving this kind of vehicle on any local road. As a result, it is necessary to adhere to the rules and policies imposed by the federal government.

As a general guideline, before driving any golf cart on any public road, check the golf cart rules of local government and ordinances. If the state prohibits golf carts from being driven on public highways, the penalty is not as harsh.

Drivers, on the other hand, may face costly fine or penalties. They may be imprisoned simply for driving golf carts on any public highway in some cases.