Sometimes people ask if fat can come back from liposuction or move about after it. Liposuction results can last a lifetime. Liposuction won’t cause your body to regrow, or move fat around. Liposuction permanently eliminates cells and makes them disappear forever.

How Fat cells and Liposuction Function

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure in the United States. It provides immediate results but can also modify your body shape something only weight loss can do. You must also commit to a healthy lifestyle in the long-term to achieve these results. Let’s now talk about fat cells and liposuction.

Fat cells shrink in size when weight gain

According to the latest research, adult humans have a number of total calories or fat cells. This number depends on your genetic makeup and is not subject to change. The body’s total number is the same regardless of how much it grows. Why does your high school uniform not fit you? Fat cells do not stay the exact same size. Our fat cells grow and shrink depending on our weight.

Your body has a specific number of fat tissues that shrink or grow in response to weight loss. This number cannot be increased or decreased except in two special situations.

The extreme diet is the exception. If fat cells exceed their maximum size, then they will divide and create new fat cells.

Liposuction is an exception. It can physically remove fat cells and reduce their number. Liposuction removes permanently fat cells by using a suction tube known as a cannula. https://www.tampaliposuction.com/ helps to reduce the amount of fat cells in the body by freezing.

Cell death and replacement

Here’s where all the confusion can start. Fat cells don’t last forever. Every year, new fat cell are created in the body to replace dead cells. This means that the body creates new cells all the time, but the total numbers of fat cells within the body remain constant. Another cell takes its place when one cell dies.

Once removed, fat doesn’t grow backThese cells cannot be rebuilt if there are less fat cells in your body than before. They are gone forever. Liposuction results in permanent fat loss.

Maintaining Your Results

The post-liposuction weight increase is another area that could cause confusion. Candidates who are in good overall health and have a relatively stable body weight would be ideal. Liposuction permanently reduces fat cells but it does not guarantee you will live with your post-lipo body forever.

Liposuction alters your body shape by removing certain fat areas. The same thing applies if you do lose weight due to lipo. For example, if you get abdominal lipo, your belly will still look flatter than before.

It is vital to keep your results consistent through exercise and healthy eating habits.

Liposuction can be more effective if you do gain weight. The good news about diet and exercise is that they can help you return to your post-lipo body.


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