Driver Safety should be Fleet Manager’s Priority

Fleet Safety is utmost important for all logistics operating organisations for smooth operation of fleet business. The fleet manager plays an important role in ensuring the fleet safety along with driver safety. 

In truck operating business, there are occurrences of accidents because of this there will be vehicle downtime, insurance issues, driver life risk issues, general public may get affected, customer consignment damage and other issues compiled together affect the business overall. 

So, to achieve safety standards, the fleet managers should take measures and steps to streamline the safety protocols for drivers, fleet and consignments.

Fleet Safety Top Priority

The logistics fleet managers should put driver safety on priority and provide safety standard protocol to ensure fleet safety.

The fleet manager should arrange the proper driver training program for fleet safety, in this, the driver should undergo rigorous training for the betterment of the fleet and driver himself.

The next most important aspect is the vehicle condition, the vehicle should be well maintained, serviced, and ensuring the government guidelines are followed.

If these two broad measures are taken carefully, most of the fleet management safety measures will be taken care. But, to achieve this the fleet manager should lay out the principles, safety checklist, preventive maintenance schedules for vehicles, driver behavior monitoring, and other safety aspects prescribed by the organization and government.  

Driver Training 

It is important for fleet management organizations to ensure safety measures to drivers and fleet. 

To achieve safety for drivers, the organization should conduct driver training programs to protect the drivers and avoid financial losses in business. Most of the logistics operators may have been concerned about spending on driver training programs. 

Instead of considering that as spending the organization should treat the training programs as an investment to safeguard drivers, asset security improvement, and customer satisfaction with minimal loss or damage

Accident Management Team

Truck driving is one of the most difficult jobs and being a driver for long-haul travel is much more difficult. In such work, road accidents are unavoidable, but if there is proper planning and efficient fleet management by fleet managers can minimize the occurrences.  

As a fleet manager, one should be well prepared for the worst scenarios like accidents. For that, the fleet operators should have accident review procedures, which include the below-mentioned steps:

  • Proper review mechanism in accident issues to work out the company is liable for fine and penalties or it is responsible for the other party involved in the accident.
  • In case, if the accident has occurred because of the driver, then the fleet manager should provide proper feedback along with post-incident training to avoid such occurrences in the future.
  • Consider a risk-management program as a way to avoid or minimize future incidents. 

Reduce Driver Communication Gap

The major reason for safety gaps occurring in logistics operations is there is a communication gap between the drivers and fleet managers. 

The fleet manager should create a proper communication channel and utilize technology such as telematics and fleet management systems to establish the digital way of communication and driver behavior monitoring with the aid of technology. 

Once the driver was alerted and given proper feedback beforehand would avoid the incidents like road accidents. Further, it will improve the safety measures across the organization, as this message can be spread across all drivers based on one driver’s behavior. 

Use Technology For Driver Behaviour 

Telematics is a great way to increase fleet security. It helps you identify harsh driving, provides potential insurance discounts, and reduces costs associated with injury and downtime.

You can also use the fleet dashcam for an extra layer of security. This helps warn drivers of errors while driving and encourages them to be more careful. Meanwhile, drivers can be involved in training programs to show drivers examples of good and bad practices. Even the most experienced drivers need a little feedback. The more you give them, the more aware and careful they will be.

Telematics has many security advantages. However, it is important to do your research and choose a fleet management system that has everything you need from real-time updates to GPS vehicle tracking systems, driver checklists, and DVR data.



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