Easy Do-It-Yourself Fly Control Techniques

To maintain your health well, it is important to eat healthy food and maintain a clean house. In fact, from furniture to the floor, you must maintain every corner of your house neat to keep yourself and your family members healthy. If your house is not clean, it can attract flies and pests. Leaving your doors and windows open can also attract flies and pests into house. Flies can transmit various types of diseases.

Some of them are tuberculosis, anthrax, cholera, leprosy etc. If you eat the food contaminated by flies, it causes food poisoning, and this can put your life in danger sometimes.

One of the cost-effective solutions available nowadays to control flies is fly screens. There are some suppliers who offers them as DIY kits. You will get these DIY kits with instructions related to installation. You can find such DIY kits at Premier Screens Ltd.

Follow those instructions simply to install the flyscreens at your doors and windows. Fly screens come in different varieties and they are retractable flyscreens, sliding flyscreens, hinged flyscreens etc. They come in a variety of materials like fiberglass, vinyl, aluminium, stainless etc. Choose the material, which you feel is more beneficial for you.

What to consider when choosing the flyscreens?

  • Size: You must choose the size according to the size of your doors and windows. If you order some random size, your money would go wasted.
  • Colour: Flyscreens come in some attractive colors. They come in different designs too. Select the ones that matches the interior of your house perfectly.
  • Quality: Good quality should be your first priority when buying the flyscreens. If you read the customer reviews of various manufacturers, you will understand they offer good quality flyscreens or not.
  • Installation Services: If you are looking for flyscreens for your office, choose a supplier who offers the installation services too. Otherwise, you have to hire someone else for the flyscreen’s installation.

DIY Techniques To Try At Home

  • Ginger Spray: Take some ginger juice and mix it with the water. Now add this water to a spray bottle. Spray this solution wherever you find flies in your home to get rid of them. You can even use this spray regularly at your doors and windows to prevent the flies from entering into your house.
  • Basil Leaves: Everybody loves the smell of the basil leaves. But the flies do not like the smell of the basil leaves. Add some fresh basil leaves to a bowl and keep it at various places in your house, where you observe flies commonly.
  • Essential oil spray: Take some lemon grass oil, thyme oil and peppermint oil and mix them with water. Use this mixture as a spray to get rid of flies from your home.
  • Cleanliness: Remove the garbage and other waste material from your house regularly. Otherwise, it can attract flies into your house. It is also essential to maintain your kitchen cabinets and utensils clean. Store all the food items properly.

Order the flyscreens online to receive them to your doorstep in no time!


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