Easy Ways To Improve Your Sports Betting Strategy

Data analysis is a great way to ensure that your sports betting selections are more than just a “feel” but are backed up with fact.  Stats from past games and analysis of trends over time lead to better decisions and more profit.  

Ways To Improve Your Betting Odds

Choosing the best bookmaker is one way to assure that you get the best odds on your selections. While it pays to shop around, Aussie bookmaker Palmerbet are my default option. They offer a range of markets and have “boosted odds” promos that are great value. 

Use the Latest Technology to Your Advantage

There is no doubt that technology has led to a brave new world, that is to bet on sports. Technology has made real time information about form and conditions much more accessible. Player information and stats are available online 24/7, making it easier to prepare for matches and cable TV beams world class sports into your loungeroom 24/7 everyday of the year. Make the most of all of these tools!

The Importance of Risk Management

Many a good tipster has struggled to make money when betting on sports due to bad risk management. Developing a staking plan is crucial. It is recommended that no more than 5% of the bankroll is wagered on any bet with 2-3% wagered on normal bets. This helps counter any swings in bad luck and also allows you to ride out a sequence of losses. 

Psychological Factors into Betting Strategy

Have a great grasp of sports and statistics isn’t enough to ensure a successful sports betting career! The mental approach is the key. Are you able to remove emotion from your betting process? Can you remain objective?

For example, at the start of the NBA season you believe that the LA Lakers will win the Title and LeBron James is your favourite player. If LeBron is struggling for form during the season, are you still betting on the Lakers in matches? Is that because the facts substantiate a bet or maybe you are biased because you love LeBron? Successful bettors can remove the emotion from betting. 

Impact of Market Trends

The betting market is the best form of intelligence available for sports bettor. If the odds change in the lead up to a particular sporting match it is likely that there is some sort of “inside info” or line up changes coming. For example, India might change from odds of $1.50 to $1.60 with the news that Virat Kohli is a late withdrawal. It pays to respect the market. 

Latest News and Developments

We live in the information age and this is particularly relevant with sports betting. A successful sports bettor is a sponge, absorbing as much information as possible. Read injury reports, weather conditions and off-season player movements to assist in making informed decisions. 

Impact of Experts’ Opinion in Your Sports Betting Strategy

Opinions are like noses, everyone has one! To be successful in sports betting you need to come up with your own strategy and stick with it. A lot of the “experts” are not making a living betting on sports and merely provide content for media outlets. It’s fine to listen to opinion but keep focused on your process.


With so much quality sport played around the world throughout the year, sports betting can be profitable as well as fun. 

I recommend Palmerbet for all your betting needs as it is among the best betting sites in Australia. Visit their website at Palmerbet.com.au or download the Palmerbet app via the app store. You won’t be disappointed.


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