EdbMails OST to PST converter: Handy tool for OST conversion


An OST to PST Converter’s goal is to convert your Outlook OST file into an Outlook PST file. Offline Storage Table (OST) refers to the offline Outlook data file created by Microsoft Office Outlook when used in combination with Microsoft Exchange Server. In other words, when you configure an Exchange account in Outlook on a Windows computer, the contents of your mailbox are saved in an OST file (i.e. Outlook.Ost file). As long as you have Internet access, the OST file synchronizes with your mailbox on the Exchange Server. When you lose internet connection, all the changes are saved in this locally stored .ost file. Before we discuss and review an OST converter tool, we’ll go over some of the fundamentals and requirements for file conversion to gain a better understanding..

OST to PST conversion requirements

You can access your mailbox even if you are not connected to the internet because the OST file is saved locally on your laptop or desktop computer. You can use your mailbox’s contents in the same way that you do when you’re online. Every single change made in your mailbox (i.e. in the OST file saved on your PC) when you were offline is synchronized with the mailbox contents at the server as soon as the Internet connection is restored. Because Outlook can now synchronize your local mailbox with the one on the server, you’ll have instant access to all of your recently received emails.

When you work with an IMAP or a POP3-based email account, such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, HotMail or others, Microsoft Outlook creates a portable PST file to save your mailbox contents. You can save it as a backup copy of your mailbox on your hard-disk or another location and then import it into Outlook as needed. To take advantage of features such as mailbox backup and portability, it is necessary to convert the OST file to Outlook PST file format. It is also possible in some cases that the Exchange server will fail, leaving you with an orphan or inaccessible file and no choice but to convert the OST file. In such cases, it is strongly advised to use a professional recovery tool, such as EdbMails, which is discussed in detail in the following sections..

EdbMails OST to PST converter tool to the rescue

EdbMails OST to PST converter software is a specialized and market-leading tool for converting Outlook OSt to PST file that you can save as a backup and import into any computer that has an MS Outlook email client. Keep in mind that OST files are not portable and cannot be directly imported into any email client. (If you have an OST file, it is most likely orphaned and unusable.) As a result, storing OST files as a backup for mailboxes is inefficient.

EdbMails OST to PST converter is Windows-based and it thoroughly searches your OST file for all of its contents, such as calendar, tasks, notes, emails, contacts and so on, and then displays these items in an Outlook-like tree format. The software supports both full and selective mailbox conversion, with the goal of storing your selected items as a PST backup. You have several options when it comes to output formats, such as HTML, EML, PST, MHT, and so on. It is possible to use the tool in a mix-and-match fashion based on your needs.

Prominent Features

  1. Highly efficient, secure and reliable OST to PST conversion.
  2. Complete preview of all the mail items in an organized manner.
  3. Full or selective mailbox conversion suited to your needs.
  4. Different output conversion formats such as PST, HTML, MHT, EML
  5. Highly versatile and compatible with all modern Windows, Outlook and Exchange server versions.
  6. Support for retaining language encoding while converting special characters such as Chinese, Arabic, Russian and so on.

Bonus Features

  1. Free Customer support 24/7 to assist you round the clock
  2. Free Live Demo for a complete product walkthrough
  3. Lifetime License plans and free software updates
  4. Free Trial software to test all the features beforehand.
  5. EdbMails Free Tools such as OST & EDB viewer, PST merge and recovery etc.

OST to PST converter working overview

The offline Outlook file (.Ost) is saved locally on your computer in a location that varies depending on your Windows. It is normally located under the AppData folder in C drive.

After selecting the appropriate OST file, the EdbMails software performs a full recovery and displays the contents. In the preview screen, you can see a preview of each item in your mailbox. To do so, choose a folder from the folder structure on the left panel and click on the folder’s contents to the right. If you only want to convert a few folders in your mailbox, you can use the software to do so. Select the checkboxes in front of the various folders.

After selecting the desired folders in the folders hierarchy, click the Export to PST option in the bottom pane to save it as PST output file format. Another useful feature of the software is the ability to choose a desired location to save the PST other than your local hard drive. There is flexibility in the conversion where you can select different formats such as EML, HTML and MHT file formats.


  1. UI similar to MS Outlook for easy navigation.
  2. Simple and user-friendly GUI
  3. Quick tool to convert OST to PST
  4. Comprehensive preview of all the mailboxes
  5. Filter options to perform selective conversion
  6. Multiple and different output file formats
  7. Direct import of OST contents into Office 365 or Exchange
  8. Structured display of all the mail items


  1. Text based log report
  2. Pause and resume for OST to PST is missing
  3. Scheduling feature yet to be implemented.

Why should you use EdbMails OST To PST Converter?

To put the aforementioned points in a nutshell, EdbMails OST to PST Converter is a top-ranking company that specializes in Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange file conversion, migration, and recovery projects. With its enormous market popularity, the company has had a strong presence all over the world for many years.

It is an ISO 27001:2013-certified company that offers data recovery for various types files such as EDB, OST, MBOX, NSF, Outlook PST along with email and data migration tools all bundled neatly into a single application.

EdbMails OST converter excels at converting Outlook, Exchange, or IMAP OST files to portable PST file format in a methodical and consistent manner. It works efficiently and generates a preview of the mailbox items while running on Windows-based computers.

The software is designed to recover, preview, and convert files. The selective conversion feature allows you to convert only the items you need from the OST file to make them available in the PST file, making it more tailored to your needs. As a result, the software is frequently used and highly recommended for such tasks. We also contacted their expert customer support team to clarify some questions, and we were blown away by their lightning-fast response time and willingness to go above and beyond to help their customers.


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