eDentra-Dental Software

Dental software designed to support you in the best possible way in the management of the dental office; you manage your agenda according to your availability and organize your schedule according to the types of interventions, the length of your appointments, the chairs available, etc. You can, for example, reserve your Monday for the fitting of a prosthesis, reserve your Tuesday morning for basic scaling-type treatments and many more. Always from your diary, you can program your automatic appointment reminders by SMS or use your waiting list in the event of last-minute cancellations: this waiting list lists the patients waiting for an appointment or likely to be taken earlier. It can be filtered and/or sorted according to the priority orders given to each patient.

Smart Contact

Thanks to eDentra for its new exclusive and unique “Smart Contact” feature, you automate appointment reminders and activate waiting list management based on availability and last-minute cancellations. Appointment confirmation: send an appointment confirmation to the patient on the day of the appointment

Appointment reminder: A reminder text message is automatically sent to the patient. You optimize the time of your assistant who does not need to make reminders by phone.

Management of last-minute cancellations: send a final text message with the possibility of a response from the patient. In the event of a negative response, you will then receive a notification informing you of the cancellation of the appointment.

Filling via the waiting list: from this moment, an automatic process is launched in order to find a patient likely to be interested in the available niche.

Software freedom

DirectAdmin exports your patient data to other programs with a single click, which can come in handy when you want to process your patient data in a spreadsheet. But maybe you just want to export some of your data to your accounting software.

Use eDentra-Dental software to boost your CRM

Have you thought about how your dental software edentra can help you in your CRM? Our dental software contains untapped resources for day-to-day communication.

What is CRM? This is the management of the customer relationship CRM, we more readily use the term in English “customer relationship management“, Dental CRM, therefore… for dental offices, we should even talk about patient relationship management, but let’s not get lost. To help you in this area, our professional software is full of information and often untapped possibilities, in particular in the analysis of key figures of the firm’s activity. These data, which are as valuable as they are rational, contain information that is often far removed from our intuitive estimates. And this is why

We need to look at it carefully: both for the analysis of the activity, but also to relieve the administrative staff in the repetitive tasks imposed by patient relations. A double advantage!

Under-exploited possibilities

If there is a consensus among software manufacturers, it is that dental offices use less than 20% of the possibilities offered by their IT tool. Whether it is a question of lack of time, limits of IT know-how, or a badly perceived interest, few are the practitioners who exploit the “statistical function “of their software. However, professional dental software makes it possible, with a few key figures, to put quantifiable and rational reality in place of subjective estimates and false beliefs in which we can get lost. The figures are stubborn and it is only by knowing the reality better that we will be able to implement the corrective actions that are necessary (if necessary). A few clicks are enough to obtain figures and ratios which are sometimes surprising, sometimes disturbing, but almost always noticeably different from our intuitive estimates and essential for healthy questioning.

Limitless research

The possibilities are endless, it is advisable to start with simple research, and then, when you master the statistical function of the software, it is possible to launch into increasingly fine and subtle queries. They will produce more and more precise results to correct your behavior and obtain more and more qualitative results. And even if we are happy to observe, knowing is still better than not knowing.

How many patients?

The total number of patients treated during the year is an indication of the volume of patients treated, not to be confused with the number of new patients which indicates the effectiveness of word of mouth. By combining the two, we can obtain a ratio that indicates the renewal of the patient population. The number of patients who only obtained one appointment indicates the rate of patients who did not wish to continue the therapeutic relationship with the practice, from the first appointment. Why? Are these emergencies that return to their practitioner as soon as the relief is obtained or because they are demotivated from the first contact to continue with your care? Anyway (and the numbers don’t tell), they weren’t happy with their visit.

What rate of transformation and average billing?

If the software knows how to manage quotes and their rejection or acceptance, it is useful to know the quote acceptance rate. This rate indicates if not it’s ease at least its effectiveness in pedagogy and communication. It can also be interesting to know which treatment plans are the most easily accepted: those of patients with such mutual insurance (and which one), those who integrate

Implants, those who exceed a certain sum … knowing these figures allow you to understand your own shortcomings fears and points to improve.

A relief for the administration

eDentra Dental software (but also dedicated applications) free up time for administrative staff or practitioners for everything related to the agenda. This may involve sending confirmation SMS the day before the appointment with the firm’s address as a reminder to avoid tedious calls to make appointments directly online.

Service when you want it

If you have a question, or if you have a problem using the eDentra dental software, we will be happy to help you through our hotline. Interventions carried out during office hours – if necessary – are included in the maintenance costs. Outside office hours, you can leave a message on our answering machine. In the event of an urgent problem, our on-call employee will contact you.


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