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Some people think that lobster parts are quite simple and only lobster meat is an edible part. But in fact, explore the edible part of lobster will bring you amazing because it’s totally different from what you thought. Read the article below to get more details.

Edible Parts of Lobster


The tail is known as the meatiest part of all lobsters. It plays an essential ingredient for a variety of lobster dishes. Also, the cooking process for lobster is easy to handle. Normally, Maine lobster tail brings eater a chewier feeling than claw meat. This firming is based on the way and how often lobsters use their tails.

When they are in hurry to escape the enemy, lobsters flap their tail rapidly to scoot out the harm. That’s why their tail becomes more muscular and fibrous.

To get all the meat out of the tail, you just need to twist the tail until it separate from the body. Then use a fork to prune the meat. Bend them upwards until they split apart to find the delicious crumbs inside. If you want to get fresh and delicious tasting lobster tails, you can click this link.


Lobsters inhabit cold water like Main Lobsters have large claws and contain meat. Claw muscles are softer because they don’t use claws as often as their tails. The crusher claw with function to break shells and crush things and the other one is used to tear flesh.


Whether we can eat knuckles or not? The knuckles is the segment that attached the claw to the body. It also contains meat but its appearance does not look impressive. The knuckle shell is spiny that makes eaters confuse because of being hard to grip. Then, if you try to conquer it, the meat is a worthy gift for the effort you have spent.


Ribs are the scraps located inside the body’s thin interior shells. Only when you slide your finger or pick the lobster, you will easily feel this part. It is not encouraging to eat, however peeling ribs is consider an idle end-of-the-meal activity.


Roe is divided into 2 types, the one is red and the other is blue or black. It’s quite similar to coral balls and stays on the body or along the ends of some female lobsters. You even eat raw roe by put directly in your mouth without cooking through. Normally, roe is mash into the butter with a little garlic and lemon to create a nutrition sauce.


Tomalley is known as a green substance from the liver’s lobster which appears when you finish twisting two parts of the lobster. It’s greasy, nutritious, and also tastes delicious when combined with the sauce. However; tomalley is unhealthy for people with cholesterol levels. Besides, this part contains a number of pollutants and toxins which could poison your gut even though lobster has been cooked.  Therefore, if your health is in a good situation, keep eating, and otherwise, brush it off by putting on a napkin or scraping it away with a fork.


Don’t skip the lobster’s legs due to it contains very fresh meat inside. Besides, getting to enjoy the meat inside is also easy. Just need to separate the leg from the body, then crack the shell slightly with your teeth. You will feel directly the sweeten of lobster meat melting in your mouth. In case you are worry to hurt your teeth, use a dough roller will help you reveal the flesh easily although it more slowly.


According to some research, the lobster head is a place that contains harmful toxins and parasites, so we should not eat it. Especially for children,  if they eat shrimp heads, you can be poisoned, especially unripe lobster.


Lobster shell not only contains calcium but also contain substances that can be toxic and not good for your digestive system. So when eating lobster, it is best to eat only the meat, not to eat the shells.

In addition, remember to exclude shells from the edible part of a lobster if your health is easy to get allergy. Your skin will extremely itchy and turn red if you consume a large number of shells

Congealed blood

Congealed blood seems to be an unfamiliar definition but in fact, you always notice them when cooking. It’s a blood clot with a white substance covering the meat when complete cooking. This part makes your dish become greasy and more flavorful.

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