ElderBlu Mugwort Tea and Blueberry Coffee are the Right Beginning & End to Each Day

Mugwort tea is beneficial for your health. Though you can make it with drying and steeping mugwort itself, the plant has a very bitter taste; rather than drinking just this herb to provide benefits oneself or using combinations that will be less flavorful than desired by some people who do not enjoy strong tastes in their drinks (especially children), try adding other herbs like when brewing instead.

How ElderBlu Blueberry Coffee is Unique

Often, we need a boost in the mornings.  And like most Americans, we get this from our daily dose of coffee.   The problem:  we tend to add cream and sugar into our cup.  The result is a carb-filled beverage that gives an insulin spike and all the negative effects from sugar.

The solution is the ElderBlu blueberry coffee.   This special breakfast blend coffee is a light roast (highly caffeinated) and is completely 100% organically sweet.

It is the first herbal coffee to combine the health benefits and great taste from herbal fruit tea with the energy boost and antioxidants from coffee.  Blueberry Coffee is the right way to start your morning.  No artificial flavoring, or oils.  No additives whatsoever;  just pure, natural goodness.  It will be the first cup of coffee where you won’t be tempted to add anything.  

As your day progresses, you’ll want to transition to a calmer state, and prepare the mind and body for deep sleep.  There is a natural solution for that as well.

Why You Should Choose ElderBlu Mugwort Tea

People take mugwort root as a “tonic” to boost energy. People also use the rest of this plant for the stomach, intestinal conditions including colic/constipation; Worm infestations (apparently not just roundworms but any type), nausea that won’t go away despite treatments with medicine.

How Mugwort Tea Helps with Sleep and Great Dreams


Dreams are a form of emotional detoxification in which the subconscious works on our troubles and lessons from that day. The process can be used to break down or join together complexes, rendering them inert, so they don’t cause trouble later when we’re awake.

It’s well known that sleep is important to our physical, mental, and emotional health. We all need at least 7 hours of restful slumber every night for optimum functioning, but what many may not know is the link between poor-quality or restless nights spent tossing in bed (or else waking up often) can actually manifest itself through dreams.

ElderBlu Mugwort Tea

Mugwort is a herb that has helped many people sleep better. It’s been found to be helpful for those who wake up in the middle of their night and have difficulty going back down without waking again. 

Mugworts’ effects are largely due to its effect on serotonin production, which helps regulate our moods as well.

Benefits Of ElderBlu Mugwort Tea

Helps To Remember Dreams

If you tend not to remember anything about your dreams, mugwort will help bring those moments back. If it’s hard for some reason (spotty recall), the herb can reconstruct a more complete narrative thread and make us better at remembering what has happened during sleep time!

Helps Generate More Vivid Dreams

If you have solely visual dreams, mugwort-enhanced ones are likely to be more visceral. Sounds and smells tend to come first while tastes follow suit in order of occurrence, with touch being last on this list.

Helps To Enhance Dreams

If you are already aware of your dream state while dreaming, then it is time for additional training in lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams can be manipulated at will and may provide the experience of being who or doing things that aren’t true in waking life – just like playing out a movie scene when we’re conscious!


You know you want to sleep,  but it’s hard when your body won’t cooperate.

The quality of your sleep depends on the amount and depth of it, so if you’re having problems with your daily biorhythm, try blueberry coffee in the morning, and mugwort tea in the evening